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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump is a 9/11 hero
Tue Sep 11 13:51:21
I bet you didn't know that.


I leave this without comment. :o)

Anarchist Prime
Tue Sep 11 13:58:53
Tue Sep 11 14:08:56
Do you mean when a trash can was in front of his limo and he was trying to get out of the city and he told his driver to move it out of the way? Then he did help in his own way :)
Rot Rod
Tue Sep 11 14:31:45
He helped those who were rotting. He really helped.
Tue Sep 11 14:33:44
I'm sure he misspoke like Clinton misspoke dodging sniper fire.
Tue Sep 11 14:41:41
He helped a little bit by having one of his prostitutes to pee on the rubble to try to extinguish a small fire. Then he fled from the city because he was scared.
the wanderer
Tue Sep 11 15:28:59
maybe he threw paper towels out of his penthouse window while watching the thousands of muslims cheering on New Jersey rooftops through his binoculars
No One
Tue Sep 11 17:00:57
where is werewolf so he can come jump in and tell us how great and heroic Trump was during 9/11
werewolf dictator
Tue Sep 11 17:56:10
i don't hear him claiming to be hero

i hear him claiming he was there in rubble with workers [as he was 13 sept] and tried to help a little the real heroes doing work

whether he did more than pose for picture with fireman and two workers.. and actually provided building storage or water or had construction workers there under employment.. or whether that is all lies or delusions.. idk.. neither would surprise me
No One
Tue Sep 11 18:01:33
You're so far up his ass.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Sep 11 18:27:52
It's hard to believe there's room with Retard Rod living there, but you are correct.
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