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Utopia Talk / Politics / Open Skies Treaty inspections
Anarchist Prime
Wed Sep 12 08:52:33
US refuses to certify Russian plane for
Open Skies Treaty inspections

Wed Sep 12 10:51:48
A deal with America means nothing.
Sam Adams
Wed Sep 12 11:19:51
A nation that just recently shot down a 777 and then lied about it is complaining about open skies? Ahahaha russians are retarded.
Wed Sep 12 11:29:24
Some context:

"August 14, 2018

President Donald Trump moved to block funding for an international surveillance treaty in his signing of a $717 billion national defense policy bill Monday, and Russian officials were quick to react.

The new law suspends funding for the Treaty on Open Skies, a pact that has allowed 34 member nations to send unarmed observation flights over one another's territory since 2002. Funding may be restored, according to the law, only after Russia is in "complete compliance with [its] obligations." Russian officials reportedly responded Tuesday by accusing the United States of breaking the treaty and even attempting to secretly build up its munitions.


The suspension of U.S. funding came after Russia cut the number of air bases the U.S. is allowed to observe, despite the treaty. Washington also accused Moscow of violating the treaty by setting a limit on the number of observational flights permitted over the militarized Kaliningrad exclave."

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 12 16:42:19

"US delegation refused to sign the final document..."

Why should we allow the Russians the freedom to fly their spy planes over our country?

This is one of Bill Clinton's bright ideas.

(I was thinking it was Obama until I checked.)

Anarchist Prime
Thu Sep 13 12:10:40
Voice of America, PolygraphInfo, and the problem with Open Skies Treaty disinformation.

Thu Sep 13 12:12:56

Arms control verrification.
Anarchist Prime
Thu Sep 13 13:53:02
Debunking Anti-Open Skies Treaty Propaganda, Digital Electro-Optical Sensor Edition

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