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Sam Adams
Fri Sep 14 10:25:16
So the local cultural marxists commissioned this huge expensive "celebrate all peoples" mural on some overpass in the ghetto.

Sebs own people in short order destroyed it and painted it over with their graffiti and other ghetto symbols.

Diversity has been celebrated, and government functionaries have wasted time and money on nonsense.

This is the most seb thing i think i have ever seen.
Fri Sep 14 10:30:25
Okay, let's take guesses why they vandalized it:

1) because it was located too deep into negroid territory

2) because they disagreed with its message

3) this was clearly the work of the russians
Sam Adams
Fri Sep 14 10:38:44
4) trump did it
Fri Sep 14 12:27:54
Fri Sep 14 13:52:24
Sam grouped everyone that isn't a dumb white guy into the same group because "muh tribalism."

Fucking retard racist.
Sam Adams
Fri Sep 14 13:56:24
Cuckhat did you learn what manure was yet?
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