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Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Sep 17 13:59:46


The New York Times ran an article based on a previous article stating that the curtains at Ambassador Nikki Haley's curtains in her New York Residence cost the taxpayer $52,701.00.

My guess is they were attempting to be totally outraged at such extravagance.

However, upon investigation, it was found that the new digs with a rent of $58,000 a month along with the pricy curtains were planned by the Obama Administration.

BTW, they are the ones that decided on those particular curtains too.

This thread is based on information submitted by Hot Rod.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Sep 17 14:02:44

Before you shit your panties about me using a multi, you are correct. I am using a multi.

Can you all see the difference between my multi and others on this forum?

Mon Sep 17 14:02:52
Front page headline, followed by page six retraction.

Classic #fakenews strategy.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Sep 17 14:05:36

Sounds like it, but this really happened. The ny times even ran a picture of Nikki with their original story.

They knew exactly what they were doing.

They were printing a lie.

Cold Rod
Mon Sep 17 14:09:50
Oh you mean a newspaper made a mistake and retracted a story and corrected it? Oh yes fake indeed. Unlike fox news....
Average Ameriacn
Mon Sep 17 14:58:33
They faked it like the Benghazi reports.
the wanderer
Mon Sep 17 15:19:45
i heard about the correction before i even heard the original
Mon Sep 17 15:20:17
It coytens for you see, coytens!
Wrath of Orion
Tue Sep 18 09:59:32
Hypocrite Rod is at it again!
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