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Utopia Talk / Politics / Gun Owners are Communists
Mon Sep 17 18:37:28
Think of it.

Gun Owners say everyone should be armed so that when a shooter comes, he will be shot way before the police would arrive, or that he will just be dissuaded, knowing he won't stand a chance, and not become a shooter.

However, that relies only on the hopeful wishful thinking that everyone will take their right to bear arms, buy arms. and have them on all the time.

And that anti-shooter theory only works so long as everybody, not one excluded, bears arms.

But then they fail themselves, because they tend to be Republican, and ultra capitalists, who always say that each person should do as he pleases (translated into the gun ownership ideal, that means that no, not everyone will be armed, just as no, not everyone carries a smartphone, or has a car). You know where every person had a car in the ideal state that didn't really work? Ask Volkswagen.
Mon Sep 17 18:50:27
I see you decided to take up that herbal advice
Tue Sep 18 02:30:17
Most gun owners (always a few nuts) say everyone that is mentally competent should be able to arm themselves it they choose to do so.

If they were communists they would be saying everybody gets a gun. All the guns would be the same and everybody would get the same allotment of ammo.
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