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Utopia Talk / Politics / MAGA: the coal comeback!
Average Ameriacn
Fri Sep 21 04:51:42
Another victory for Trump and the USA!


U.S. exports of coal more than doubled in 2017 and are set to grow this year, according to the Energy Information Administration. Countries across Asia and Africa are expected to increase their use of coal for expanding power generation through 2040, says the EIA.

The rebound shows coal’s resilience, especially in emerging regions, and recent events suggest the market for black combustible rock will remain strong. In the U.S., the Trump administration has proposed to reverse U.S. rules on coal emissions, and countries including India and Vietnam are planning major coal projects.

Bangladesh plans to use coal to generate 50% of the country’s power by 2030, up from 2% today.
Fri Sep 21 07:00:20
Energy markets will not be denied.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Sep 21 09:25:51

This is good news, not only for the economy but for the environment. It seems to me I heard somewhere that ours was a "cleaner: coal.

If not I am sure that Fido or Rover will be along soon to correct me.

Fri Sep 21 10:18:03
"Bangladesh plans to provide electricity to all of its more than 160 million citizen by 2021, the year in which it aims to enter the league of middle-income countries.

At present, 20 percent of its people do not have electricity while the country is facing a shortage of between 1,000 and 1,500 megawatt electricity a day which goes up to 2,000 during peak season of summer."


What an abomination. How are the local five-year olds going to stitch my soccer balls and t-shirts if they can't see what they're doing?
Fri Sep 21 11:02:18
China strikes back by going after America's energy companies

In the 12 months leading up until June 2018, China was the second-largest buyer of US LNG, according to energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie. Shell, the US subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), was the largest seller.

However, China has dialed back its US LNG purchases in recent months as trade tensions have ratcheted up, according to ClipperData. Beijing is instead turning more to LNG powerhouses Qatar, Australia and Russia.

"China has been able to find willing sellers closer to its own backyard," said Matt Smith, ClipperData's director of commodity research.

Now, the tariffs will likely price US LNG out of the Chinese market, according to S&P Global Platts.

"There are other suppliers around the world that would gladly supply China -- and they don't have a 10% tariff," said Riedl.

Fri Sep 21 11:07:53
”U.S. exports of coal more than doubled in 2017 and are set to grow this year”

If China sells more coal to a better price to countries in Asia and Africa, then the US won’t be able to sell as much as they expect.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Sep 21 11:14:24

Doesn't China use a more dirty coal?

We have all seen the pictures.

Fri Sep 21 11:15:27
Paramount's admiration for a totalitarian menace continues to shine through.

Having the US as a partner and ally has really spoiled you EUians. If you don't appreciate our arrangement, just wait.
Fri Sep 21 11:26:35
Hot Rod believes in "clean" coal. Fucking retard.

Rugian pulling more of "muh white victimhood" by taking Paramount's statement of facts and drawing a false equivalency. Can't win an argument? Call the other side Hitler.

... now cue insane rage about Hitler from far-right which they draw from all the memes they spread to each other to innoculate themselves from attacks that they are the Hitlers. The massive cognitive dissonance might destroy Rugian's tiny pea-sized brain.
Fri Sep 21 11:45:22
so trump's actions are directly helping the developing world to get out of the stone age and into the modern age... and liberals think that is a bad thing.
Fri Sep 21 11:49:18
The last humans will live in climate controlled caverns beneath the Earth sheltering from the hellish run-away greenhouse effect their atmospheric modification inadvertently caused.

And they will look back on this generations as utter and total inept, blind, politically religious zealots who destroyed Earth in the name of political party, convenience, and money.
Fri Sep 21 11:59:38
...okay, I'm lost. Can anyone tell me what Dukhat saw in this thread that made him go "muh white victimhood?" Cuz I don't get it.

Also, Paramount has repeatedly expressed a preference for China to cut into American economic power. This despite the fact that China openly bullies its neighbors and happily screws over its partners f. ex. Sri Lanka, to say nothing in terms of its oppressive treatment of it's own citizens. Only someone with a complete contempt of Western civil liberties could possibly look upon China with any favor...so it's no surprise to see you on that side of the aisle Dukhat.
Fri Sep 21 12:44:52
cuckhat caught syphilis from his worn in wife. it has been rotting his brain for the past 2 years.
Wrath of Orion
Fri Sep 21 12:46:00
"It seems to me I heard somewhere that ours was a "cleaner: coal."

That would depend on what is done in terms of preparation/"washing" to the coal that is being exported compared to other countries.

That is the only way "cleaner" coal might apply. Other cleaner coal methods rely on technology that captures emissions as they leave the factory (or gasification, which also wouldn't make sense for this usage).

Somehow I really doubt we are sending especially "washed" coal to other countries.
Fri Sep 21 12:47:49
Well, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or something like that. The US is waging a trade war on europe, they are trying to break up and destroy the EU and giving support to the alt-right in various european countries. So when China or Russia, or anyone, is punching the US, I’m happy.

Also, I’m gonna fix this sentence for you:

”the fact that USA openly bullies its neighbors and happily screws over its partners”
Average Ameriacn
Thu Sep 27 04:22:15


Coal will continue to be be burned in record amounts, despite concerns about its impact on climate change. Opec estimates that coal usage in the OECD countries will plummet by a third by 2040, but it will increase by 20% in developing countries to reach five times the volumes burned in the west.
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