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Utopia Talk / Politics / Ted Cruz chased out of restaurant
Tue Sep 25 08:15:43
Smash Racism DC

BREAKING. Activists just chased
@TedCruz out of a fancy Washington DC restaurant, chanting “We Believe Survivors!”

Cruz has been friends with creep Kavanaugh for 20 years. Now Cruz is on judiciary committee hearing his testimony.

Fascists not welcome! #CancelKavanugh

[Video at link]

Tue Sep 25 08:22:33
Ted Cruz is many things. A fascist is not one of them. Truly distressing that Yale students, the future "leaders" of our country don't know the difference between a fascist and a neocon. Perhaps Steve Bannon was right all along about incompetent elites.
Tue Sep 25 08:46:53
Is this it? Has the Civil War 2 begun?
Tue Sep 25 08:49:41
How did activists get into a "fancy restaurant" though? lol

How come the "fancy restuarant" allowed some activists to chase one of their guests out of their restaurant? And why didn't the restaurants security bouncers shoot the activists?
Tue Sep 25 08:49:46
Ah yes, Aeros whines about a few of the powerless protestors instead of the "servile puppy dog" kleptocrat senator that, along with the entire gop, goes along with Trump's march to autocracy as long as he gives them irresponsible tax cuts and 1920's era supreme court justices.

Just join the gop already. Your mind has clearly gone down a blind reactionary path. Their white male identity politics clearly suit you better than being a thoughtful progressive.
Tue Sep 25 09:06:49
Whether or not he's a fascist, he certainly is a cunt.

If some individuals slightly mischaracterizing the manner of his cuntiness leads to you back Steve Bannon, you're a cunt too.
Tue Sep 25 09:19:59
All fascists are cunts, but not all cunts are fascists.

Not really an important distinction if you're just looking to be angry at someone, but for actual political discourse it matters.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Sep 25 10:20:07

Pure Evil Strikes Again.

Sam Adams
Tue Sep 25 10:24:53
Ahhh yes the tolerant left
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 13:28:18

The restaurant manager took Cruz and his wife to a private area of the restaurant.

After they got rid of the protesters Cruz and his wife were seated where they had a very nice meal in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

the wanderer
Wed Sep 26 13:43:59
he's just a lyin' Canadian with an ugly wife, a father who killed JFK, & who illegally won the Iowa primary
Wed Sep 26 14:09:49
the right has random lunatics, the left has fucking movements.
the wanderer
Wed Sep 26 15:02:57
“a historic movement the likes of which the world has never seen before”
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