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Utopia Talk / Politics / The times, they are a changin'
Tue Sep 25 14:08:28
Can't slap random women on the ass in public without facing jail now. #metoorunamok

Tue Sep 25 14:08:38
Tue Sep 25 15:24:16
The law looks to be overreaching if the article describes it accurately but in this case it was probably applied appropriately.
Tue Sep 25 15:35:46
If I'm reading this article right, sentencing occurred nine days after the incident and resulted in three months in prison for a bum pat (the verbal abuse was separate). Does that seem a little...extreme?
Tue Sep 25 16:16:26
Mexitard is trash. He has probably slapped and raped his own sister. Many times.
Tue Sep 25 22:06:12
god you are bad at insults. if there is no build or lead in to the insult, it falls flat. of course i am not surprised that a swedish cuck like you lacks a proper sense of humor. making excuses for Muhammad while he fucks the hell out of your women on a daily basis likely bred your sense of humor out of you.
the wanderer
Tue Sep 25 23:04:45
the 3 months was for attacking the bus driver, the fine was for the lewd behavior toward the woman

this article makes that more clear

Tue Sep 25 23:30:20
300 euro for hitting on a woman. brave new world.
Tue Sep 25 23:39:14
"the driver jammed the bus doors closed to prevent the assailant from escaping."

Sounds like justified assault
Wed Sep 26 00:46:25
"300 euro for hitting on a woman. brave new world."

If your idea of hitting on a woman is slapping her ass and saying she's a whore and has big tits, there's little wonder you're still single much less not in jail.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 01:03:39

obaminated - Can't slap random women on the ass in public without facing jail now.

You can if you vote Democrat.

Wed Sep 26 01:22:47
No, dems just throw them under the bridge
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 03:51:51

All I know is they belong in prison for a very, very, very long time.

Wed Sep 26 05:08:36
"You can if you vote Democrat."

Republicans are only permitted to grab them by the pussy.
Wed Sep 26 06:56:56
Obaminated a.k.a Mexitard is afraid that he will become feminized if he is not allowed to slap women anymore.
Wed Sep 26 07:30:39
We have to think about this from both ends (huehue), if ass slappers are left alone to roam, women will start covering their asses and that is no fun for anyone.

It is over the top if a first time offender. If her ass bruised, then 3 months is reasonable.

A fine + community service and some form of education program. 3 years probation. If he slaps again, then a minimum of 1 year in prison, I think this is reasonable. Such raw and open stupidity must be punished. 3 slaps and you are in for 25 to life.
Wed Sep 26 09:29:17
I think a fine is more than acceptable. Shit. Ass slapping is common practice in high school, both girls and boys do it. Seriously. It is not a traumatic event.
Wed Sep 26 10:04:27
"Ass slapping is common practice in high school, both girls and boys do it."

One should note that girls slapping ass in high school generally did it to their friends. It wasn't some rando stranger or acquaintance. Guys slapping ass were either on a sports team or sexing up the girl they were slapping the ass of.

The connotations of friends/partners slapping your backside are very different than when someone else does it. It certainly becomes a bigger deal.
Wed Sep 26 12:32:00
Eh, i was underage (16) when a senior girl (18) would consistently slap my ass in hallways. I did not feel like a victim. It was a gesture meant in humor. This is what happens when cuckhats become bureaucrats and make rules that prohibit fun because they never experienced it.
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