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Utopia Talk / Politics / UN commits act of war against US
Tentacle Rapist
Wed Sep 26 12:01:29

When does the first wave of bombs drop?
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 12:06:39

Can't read the article. I'm not a subscriber.

Tentacle Rapist
Wed Sep 26 12:13:19
Neither am I.

‘People actually laughed at a president’: At U.N. speech, Trump suffers the fate he always feared

UNITED NATIONS — President Trump has long argued that the United States has been taken advantage of by other nations — a “laughing stock to the entire World,” he said on Twitter in 2014 — and his political rise was based on the premise that he had the strength and resolve to change that.

But at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump got a comeuppance on the world’s biggest stage. Delivering a speech that aimed to establish U.S. “sovereignty” over the whims and needs of other nations, the president’s triumphant moment was marred in the first minute when he was met by laughter — at his expense.

The embarrassing exchange came when Trump boasted that his administration had accomplished more over two years than “almost any administration” in American history, eliciting audible guffaws in the cavernous chamber hall.

The president appeared startled. “Didn’t expect that reaction,” he said, “but that’s okay.”

Members of the audience chuckled again — perhaps this time in sympathy.

Trump continued his address, which lasted an additional 34 minutes, but the moment marked a pointed rejoinder from the international community to a president who has delighted in poking traditional U.S. allies and partners in the eye on trade, security alliances and general diplomatic bonhomie.

President Trump prepares to address the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 25, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

“He has always been obsessed that people are laughing at the president. From the mid-’80s, he’s said: ‘The world is laughing at us. They think we’re fools,’ ” said Thomas Wright, a Europe analyst at the Brookings Institution. “It’s never been true, but he’s said it about every president. It’s the first time I’m aware of that people actually laughed at a president. I think it is going to drive him absolutely crazy. It will play to every insecurity he has.”

For Trump, the moment wasn’t just embarrassing. It also punctured one of the core fabulist assertions of a president who has, according to Washington Post fact-checkers, made more than 5,000 false or misleading statements since taking office.

As the midterm elections approach, Trump has begun boasting of a long list of accomplishments for his administration, at one point reciting them at a recent campaign rally from two pieces of paper that he pulled from his suit jacket.

In doing so, the president typically has claimed sweeping success and placed himself favorably in historical comparison to the nation’s greatest leaders. At a rally in Springfield, Mo., last week, Trump was wrapping up an hour-long address to supporters with some flowery teleprompter prose about the courage of America’s founders when he strayed from the script to assert that his election in 2016 was “the greatest movement in the history of our country.”

At the United Nations, Trump’s claim to have done more in less than two years than most of the 44 previous administrations defied any bounds of reality — or hubris. The difference was that he was not talking to a room full of excited, red-hat-wearing “MAGA” supporters who cheer him on.
German delegation at U.N. appears to laugh at Trump

Germany's delegation at the U.N. General Assembly appeared to laugh during President Trump's speech on Sept. 25. (Reuters)

“On one hand, you feel, ‘Oh, God, how awful that the American president is being laughed at on the world stage,’ ” said Julie Smith, who served as deputy national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden.

“But on the other hand, you kind of feel good that Trump was finally escaping the bubble of political rallies that continually gives him the impression that everyone agrees with the false claims he is making,” said Smith, who watched Trump’s speech from Berlin, where she is spending a year as a fellow at the Bosch Academy. “There was a moment I thought to myself, ‘This is good that the president is being exposed to how the rest of the world sees him.’ ”

Though the world leaders’ laughter at the United Nations was spontaneous, there might have been a bit of extra feeling behind it among some of the delegates in the room. TV cameras caught German diplomats chuckling — perhaps a form of release after relations between Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel got off to a bad start and have continued to devolve.

Last year, Germans attending a conference at the Economic Council of the Christian Democratic Union in Berlin laughed and applauded after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s microphone was cut off in mid-sentence after he spoke past his allotted time via video feed. Merkel then rebutted parts of his remarks in her own speech.

On social media, Trump’s critics quickly mocked him on Tuesday.

“American Presidents used to set the global agenda at the UNGA. Now Trump gets laughed at,” tweeted Ben Rhodes, who as a top national security aide to President Barack Obama helped craft U.N. speeches.

“The world just laughed @realDonaldTrump,” comedian Wanda Sykes tweeted. Referring to the famed theater in Harlem in which the audience boos and heckles bad performers offstage, she added, “Stay tuned, they might go full ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ on him.”

By the afternoon, Trump was projecting an air of nonchalance, telling reporters that his boast in the speech “was meant to get some laughter.” But most observers weren’t buying it from a president who seldom laughs at himself and whose default expression is an unsparing glare.

“It’s got to hurt,” said Wright, the Brookings Institution analyst. “It was on camera and it was spontaneous. It was on one of the biggest stages in the world.”

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 12:13:37

I understand when the meeting was over the leaders that were there mobbed him to shake his hand and get their picture taken with him.

They loved his straightforward honesty. Something they are not used to from world leaders and politicians.

Tentacle Rapist
Wed Sep 26 12:14:51
Oh man. I wanted them bombed for it, but maybe a couple decades of sanctions will suffice since they atoned.

Average Ameriacn
Wed Sep 26 12:23:02
Just stop all US payments to the UN. That will make them crawling on their knees.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 12:38:22

"Trump continued his address, which lasted an additional 34 minutes, but the moment marked a pointed rejoinder from the international community to a president who has delighted in poking traditional U.S. allies and partners in the eye on trade..."

China is lowering some of their tariffs by an average of about 3% or 4%. Charles Payne was talking about it earlier today.

I guess China wants some of our Christmas money.

Wed Sep 26 14:15:59
UN = 25% subsidized by american tax payers who then have to put up with strong men and other back water morons shitting on them, while eating shrimp and drinking cocktails they can't afford.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 15:20:17

To say nothing of the parking tickets that are not only unpaid, but they are totally ignored.

Wed Sep 26 15:30:49

The US embassy doesn't pay the London congestion of pollution charges.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 15:35:02

Is that a tax or something related to parking tickets?

Tentacle Rapist
Wed Sep 26 15:44:07
All I know is that God Emperor Trump was openly mocked. Back when the world was still run by real men, there would have already been at least a major troop skirmish, if not full out invasion.

See what the SJW pussification is doing to this world? No wonder we don't get our great war! :(
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 18:21:52

Trump has two substantial missile attacks and a MOAB attack under his belt.

Not bad for a businessman who has peace getting in his way.

Wed Sep 26 20:13:06
Obama was far more war like. Might be Trump has low test
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Sep 26 21:05:02

Trump is fighting the war of the $ and winning that one too. Oh, almost forgot, he let his military officers run the war and I believe ISIs is defeated in Syria and neighborhood.

Wed Sep 26 22:08:37
"he let his military officers run the war"

I thought Trump's campaign line was that he knew how to defeat ISIS better than anyone? Sounds like he fucking lied.
large member
Thu Sep 27 01:11:11
You are seriously taking credit for defeating ISIS in Syria?

The only places they have left are close to US forces where Syria does not have operational freedom.

And he knew that the best way was to let military officers run the war?

Not credible though. The navy is docking carriers for "maintenance" in self-defence. Taking them off the options table so to speak.
Thu Sep 27 01:35:09
The best way to defeat ISIS is to stop helping them.
Tentacle Rapist
Thu Sep 27 12:23:47
'Trump has two substantial missile attacks and a MOAB attack under his belt. '

Obama had that done before breakfast.

Are you admitting that Obama was a better President?
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