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Utopia Talk / Politics / WTF is wrong with India?
Thu Sep 27 13:55:50
It was bad enough when the Supreme Court legalized fag sex a couple of weeks ago. But now this?!

"Women Are Not 'Chattel,' Says India's Supreme Court In Striking Down Adultery Law
September 27, 20188:08 AM ET"


I'm officially on Pakistans side now.
Turtle Crawler
Thu Sep 27 14:56:04
India was better as an English colony
Fri Sep 28 01:40:25
They have no idea what is in store for them. Soon indian women will want the same pay for less hours and all the best positions but none of the shitty and dangerous jobs. They will call it ”equality”. Many hindi sebs will support them. Indian TCs will ”go their own way”, shortly after Indian incels start killing women, bam the incel rebellion turns into WW3.
Fri Sep 28 03:19:03
I don't like India particularly much. I don't like Pakistan very much either. I'm not a racist or anything like that, but their culture, customs and country is nothing for me. All these tech companies in Sweden have imported tons of Indians the past years. It is like the right-winged enterprise capitalists wants to transform Sweden into a Pakistan. Can't they hire regular europeans instead?
Fri Sep 28 04:19:54
You are a cultural racist. There is a racist classification for everyone, don’t worry. You may even be unconsciously racist, you could be a nazi and not even know it.

Atleast the right wing equation pans out. They want to dismantle the well fare system, and make sure their cronies have access to cheap labor while they sit in their walled off communities and have private health insurance.

The leftwing equation of having a strong well fare system and taking large quantities of refugees, does not. The assholes are better at math.
Fri Sep 28 11:00:40
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