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Utopia Talk / Politics / For my friend Paramount
Thu Oct 04 17:32:59
You will like this:
Fri Oct 05 10:38:06
Thanks. That site may list jews, but I noticed that they are also listing liberals and leftists and labeling them judas/traitors. My guess is that many of the jews who are listed are liberals and leftists (although I haven’t checked many just yet) I usually don’t have a problem with them as long as they does not support the illegal occupation. So I think this site is probably more usefull for the extreme right, nationalists/zionists, than it is for me.
Fri Oct 05 11:00:42
If I’m looking at Sweden for an example


These are six greatest threats according the Judas Watch:

Stefan Löfven (A)
Fredrik Reinfeldt (A)
Mona Sahlin (A)
Antje Jackelén (A)
Expo Foundation (Stiftelsen… ⁕ (A)
The Living History Forum… ⁕ (A)

Stefan Löfven is my guy. Prime Minister of Sweden, leader of the Social Democratic Party. I voted for him in the recent election a couple of weeks ago.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, former PM of Sweden, former leader of the right-winged party Moderaterna. I liked him because he was a good leader and PM.

Mona Sahlin, another former leader of the Social Democratic Party. I never liked her that much though. I guess she was okay but she wasn’t a leader. She lacked poise.

Antje Jackelén. No idea who that is. But now that I looked she is aparently the Archbishop of Uppsala and Primate of the Church of Sweden. Judas Watch writes that she supports same-sex marriage, and therefore they list her as a judas. lol.

Expo Foundation. A leftist anti-racist magazine. They expose anti-semites, extreme rightists, nazis, etc. The Swedish Democrats, Sweden’s extreme right party who also calls themselves Israel’s Best Friend in Sweden, is constantly attacking Expo. I think Expo is doing a good job, mostly.

The Living History Forum. Well, I will just let Judas Watch describe them for you: The Living History Forum a Swedish government agency under the Ministry of Culture. The agency deals with issues related to tolerance, democracy and human rights, using the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity as its starting point.
Fri Oct 05 11:05:07
* These are THE six greatest threats (in Sweden) according TO Judas Watch:
Fri Oct 05 11:12:15
The greatest to America is Michael Moore, lol.


Maybe Judas Watch is a site for Hot Rod.
Fri Oct 05 11:14:33
Michael Moore

Wrote book titled "Stupid White Men" blaming many problems in the United States on White males.

- -

Could be a site for Rugian also, lol.
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