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Utopia Talk / Politics / No Peace Prize for Trump
Fri Oct 05 10:15:09
Trump didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize. Although he may still have a chance next year maybe – if he can make peace with and end the trade war he started against Europe, China and the rest of the world. And if he can make peace with Israel and Palestine. Though I doubt Israel will accept peace because they refuse to recognize Palestine’s right to exist. And if he can make peace if North Korea, and Iran. But the USA is never going to stop bullying them so I doubt it. What else? Hm, yes Russia also. Trump tried to create better relations with Russia but Hillary is too strong and her team won’t accept it. So I doubt there will be peace with Russia either. So the chances of Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize some day is very small.
Fri Oct 05 10:17:26
Obama had better luck. All he needed to do was to get elected, lol.
Fri Oct 05 10:20:52
But Obama made up for it by excelling in diplomacy. Obama’s skills made the world a safer place to bring up babies in because he made the nuclear agreement with Iran possible.
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