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Fri Oct 05 11:38:33
Widow settles lawsuit with Texas City after officer caught stealing from her dying husband

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- The widow of a man who had money stolen from his pocket by a police officer after suffering a heart attack has settled a lawsuit with Texas City.

Linda Mabe sued the city and Officer Linnard Crouch.

According to Mabe's lawsuit, Crouch was caught on bodycam video taking more than $2,000 from Jim Mabe's pocket as he was dying from a heart attack.

The money was supposed to be used to buy presents just before Christmas in 2016.

Crouch was eventually fired and charged with theft.


Then he decided to ram his girlfriend's car in a rage later on too.

Former Texas City cop arrested again, this time for assault

A former Texas City police officer who was charged earlier this month for stealing money from a heart attack victim, has been arrested again, this time for allegedly intentionally ramming his girlfriend’s car with his own vehicle.



Gesss da Wace!

the wanderer
Fri Oct 05 11:50:31
i blame video games... who can see someone die & not want to loot him?
Fri Oct 05 12:04:27
I'm guessing the widow is white for assorted reasons involving stereotyping minorities.

Going with white on the officer because of the name linnard.

and someone please tell me it wasn't his own body camera that got him busted.
Fri Oct 05 12:30:38
An angry white man.
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