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Utopia Talk / Politics / Is your workplace menstrual friendly?
Thu Oct 11 07:12:11
So there is this Swedish group/organization which I don't recall what their name is, but they are three young women whose project, Menstrual Certification of Workplaces, have got state funds (I think 500 000 SEK) to make Swedish workplaces "menstrual friendly".

Workplaces that meets the criterias are gonna get a certificate.

For an example, workplaces should review their routines to see how they can be adapted for employees with menstrual illness to avoid sick days.

They want to "punch myths that women's menstrual periods affects their skills, by educating about norms, preconceptions, subtle structures, and other things that influence how we look at and categorize other people."

They also want to "inform about the importance of why workplaces should be free from diminishing "jokes" of menstraul periods and the menstruating body." and "to spread awareness of menstrual diseases and how they affect the body."

They say: "Partly because it can help someone with menstrual problems, partly to increase understanding of the lives of others - it is not the same for everyone."

and: "We do not see anything negative in investing in projects aimed at promoting human health, the working environment, and reducing sickness absence and production loss."

Is this something that American women wants in America also?
Thu Oct 11 07:53:49
But women are better employees, right?
Thu Oct 11 08:02:06
I don't know if they are better employees in general. There certainly are women employees who are better than male employees. But there are also male employees who are better than women employees.

I found out that they are called MENSEN (The Menstrual Period) and they have a website. It must have been my and Nimatzo's tax moneys who paid for that site.

On their website, on the About Us page (http://mensen.se/om-oss/) they write:

"The menstrual period will get out of the panties and into the public!"

That sounds like a threat.
Thu Oct 11 08:38:30
Absolutely disgusting.
Thu Oct 11 09:09:36
Paramount, these are my threads and honestly, I have given up. The arguments you heard in this debate, ruins the mind. Apparently some women (what was presented was an anecdotal observation) feel they can't talk about their period. We need to rethink personal hygiene issues as they are apparently important for everyone else to be aware of.

The Swedish system will annihilate itself with small incremental wastes that carry alternative costs and large costs in PR. So more likely is that all these stupid authorities and money that is handed out by these institutes to study menstruation certification or how white hetro normativitiy sets the agenda in natural disaster situation, the wrath of the tax payers will come down hard on them. The conditions are already in place, every facet of the Swedish well fare state is under immense stress, from schools to hospitals (due to a spike in immigration) and in that regard 500 000 SEK, that is the salary cost of a nurse or a teacher for a year, and the Equality Authority has 38 million to hand out to similarly braindead endeavors to study and solve non issues. The optics will predictably make peoples blood boil.

Good to keep in mind that we are in an economic boom cycle, unemployment is low. When the party ends, it will be ruthless.

Did you see the guy whose girl friend made him wear a bloody pad for a day on Opinionlive? Good times good times. It is universally agreed without question that men need to listen, men need to understand how women feel. Does this sound familiar? It is the ancient battle between husband and wife. In Sweden the state went in and decided, the woman is right. Shut up, listen and understand. You guys have it too easy. I can attest to this, everywhere I go be it a restaurant or to look at a new car or house, I just show them my penis and I get the best treatment. It is how I got my job!
Thu Oct 11 10:52:54
”Did you see the guy whose girl friend made him wear a bloody pad for a day on Opinionlive?”

No I missed that. I haven’t looked at Opinion live in a while. Sometimes I think they should rename their show to the Onion live.

Did you watch Uppdrag Granskning yesterday about the fake invoices? http://www...19-sverigefakturorna?info=visa

And did you watch Uppdrag Granskning on the Panama Papers and the so called Paradisläckan?

All these fake invoices and especially the illegal tax evasions, are what the state, municipalities and county councils are losing millions upon millions of moneys on each year, and is the reason why the welfare state is under stress. Money that is supposed to go to school children and care for the sick and elderly are instead going to criminals and rich people who evade taxes illegaly.

The 38 million that the Equality Authority is handing out is peanuts in comparison. Peanuts.
Thu Oct 11 11:30:20
Yep, gotta pay taxes so women can comfortably discuss their periods at work!
Thu Oct 11 12:33:47
Aeros,"Absolutely disgusting."

What's absolutely disgusting is when you drink a 'Bloody Mary' and find a string in it.
Thu Oct 11 13:38:52
That should call it Rag-Time and schedule it one week a month.
Thu Oct 11 13:41:21
Thu Oct 11 14:23:00

If women want a floating day or two off every month, why the fuck does that need to be gendered? Just request that floating 1-2 days off that doesn't count towards PTO for everyone.

As to being able to talk about bleeding from your vagina at work, it sounds about as appetizing as talking about blood in the stool. I've not taken a poll, but I can't imagine many women wanting to talk about bloody poop. If all you want to do is feel comfortable with saying "I'm on my period," well then go for it. But details are gross, just like any bloody details are generally gross.
Thu Oct 11 19:31:17
Dripper be so dramatic...
Fri Oct 12 04:56:47
Yes these 500k are peanuts, and I do not disregard any of the things you mentioned. But on one end you have people protecting _their_ money by using loopholes and tax planning, some of it illegal, the other is the government handing out money that they taxed. All of these thibng look is bad PR, all of it drains resources, but it looks worse when it is taxed money. I am pointing out the general optics.
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