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Utopia Talk / Politics / It morally ok to kill Hot Rod
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Oct 26 17:10:27
Except in Japan

the wanderer
Fri Oct 26 17:37:06
"least emphasis on sparing pedestrians:
1. China"

this seems accurate based on LiveLeak videos :p

in the sample given, the car should hit the barrier... unless the pedestrians are pranksters who put it there...
Fri Oct 26 18:01:27
”Driverless cars: Who should die in a crash?”

I take it that the car has AI and can identify pedestrains and then connect to a database and in a millisecond get all kinds of data from the pedetrians and then if forced to choose it can determine who to kill in an unavoidable crash? Well, that’s easy. The car should prioritize to kill ”bad” people and avoid killing ”good” people.
the wanderer
Fri Oct 26 18:32:21
yeah it's kind of a weird article that changed from what should happen in realistic scenarios to a thought experiment

in realistic scenarios presumably the car can break for the barrier :p... but if no option the car should crash away from people as there are safety features for those inside

although population is out of control, so also can make an argument the car should hit as many people as the company thinks they can get away with from a lawsuit perspective
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