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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Went apeshit on a black racist toda
Mon Oct 29 19:51:17
Got on a train for the morning commute today. Within the 1st stop there some black guy begins yelling loudly. As he gets louder it becomes clear that what he is doing is screaming at the black half of an interracial cpl (a woman). "You a slave! You a slave! What you doing with this cracker!" A few of the smaller white women go and try to talk some sense into this clown but it turns into the guy going even more irate and screaming at them "fuck you white bitch! fuck you pale faced bitch!"

At that point i'm sick of it and from the other side of the train yell at the guy "Shut the fuck up you fucking racist scum". The guy then turns his attention to me and says "yeah I am a racist. go back to your country!" I say "this is my country you son of a bitch! come here and make me go back." The guy keeps saying some stupid shit that i can't remember and turns his attention back to the original cpl. i turn away from the idiot and this nice black woman talks too me trying to calm me down "he's crazy! you're never going to talk any sense into him everyone should just ignore him" I tell the woman yeah maybe but "i'm tired of these maniacs on the train. lock there ass up and never let them come out."

train stops, the mta ppl with the flashlights are there and the entire train says "you have to get this guy out, get him out!" with all the stuff going the mta person cant hear and the doors close. have to hear this idiot rant again until finally he leaves at the next stop.

On the one hand I kind of agree with the older black woman (though he didn't appear THAT crazy) but on the other hand I'm tired of people putting up with this bullshit. in a sane world the entire train would have gotten together and physically beat and thrown that racist scumbag off thr train
Mon Oct 29 20:15:55
^leftist, folks
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Oct 29 21:16:25

You should have talked nice to him, you might have made a new friend.

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Oct 29 22:41:16
If the guy was white you would be dead cause he'd have a gun.
Mon Oct 29 23:09:27
Because black guys don't kill with guns.
Tue Oct 30 00:41:18
I understand how dangerous it was as some people, especially the scum of life, have nothing to lose. At the same time, we all shape the society we live in and I don't agree with a society that just let's a couple get harassed like that without intervening. I was the only guy that intervened, others were these 90 lb white girls. Where the fuck are the men? /end rant
Tue Oct 30 01:52:15
Didn’t the white guy in the interracial couple say or do something when this black guy was yelling at them?
Tue Oct 30 04:17:43
"in a sane world the entire train would have gotten together and physically beat and thrown that racist scumbag off thr train"

Reacting with physical violence to words is not sane.
Tue Oct 30 04:28:27
Maybe no one intervened because they agreed with the racist.
Tue Oct 30 07:20:43

It's a lot easier to ignore the guy when he's not in your face. The interracial couple didn't really have that option.

Tue Oct 30 07:23:12
"Where the fuck are the men?"

Why do you feel that men need to step up and be the saviors? Kinda sexist of you.
Tue Oct 30 10:37:17
Also, there is a reason most men stay out. There is a far greater likelihood of physical confrontation, when two men are involved. Crazy man fella can just dismiss the woman since she isn’t a threat to him or hus manhood and even if she is witty a wreck hom verbally, it is less forgivable to smack a bitch than a guy. Such are the sociocultural norms.
Tue Oct 30 12:08:14
Seriously, why would you step into a situation that's none of your business and risk a confrontation with some crazed person on your ride? People generally keep out of those situations because intervention is far more likely to escalate things than shut the guy up.

If the fella was at all a reasonable person, he wouldn't have been yelling at interracial couples in the first place.

I mean, sure he's an asshole, but pick your battles dude.

Also WTF is wrong with that white dude, black women are some of the ugliest people on the planet. That's a step down.
Sam Adams
Tue Oct 30 12:56:27
Law abiding working citizens should be able to pepper spray, beat, or taze junkies and crazies at any time for any reason without repercussion.

Alas, we live in a society too pussified to allow that, so we all are forced to suffer the existence of scum.
Sam Adams
Tue Oct 30 15:16:59
Could he have been a yankees fan upset about the sox nuking them and winning the world series?
Tue Oct 30 15:22:13
Rugian wouldn't know about women. He loves cock
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