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Utopia Talk / Politics / Kanye West eyes are now open
Tue Oct 30 18:24:22
My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!!


There is something wrong with this guy. Either he was high when he wrote this tweet or he is really stupid, or he is lying. Maybe his music isn’t streaming as much anymore so he has to distance himself from Trump. I’m gonna guess all of the above.

Seven hours before he wrote that tweet he posted a photo of a child with a MAGA hat: http://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1057281503481286656?s=20

Tue Oct 30 18:54:38
Looks like the deep state got to him and "corrected" him.
Average Ameriacn
Tue Oct 30 19:03:28
Can't trust a black man.
Wed Oct 31 08:03:32
Just another attention whore. He quickly faded after his dog and pony show with the Twitterman so now he needs to stoke the fire again.

I keep hearing his name and I know he's married to another attention whore. Can someone please tell me what exactly he has done to deserve all the attention?

The only one I know anything about in that whole clan is Bruce Jenner who won an Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathlon.
Wed Oct 31 08:47:05
Some people call Kanye a musician.
Wed Oct 31 08:53:08
He's a master lyricist that has produced such vibrant poetry as this:

"She find pictures in my email
I sent this bitch a picture of my dick
I don't know what it is with females
But I'm not too good at that shit"
Wed Oct 31 09:02:16
Hence my use of "some people."
Wed Oct 31 09:55:49
So in other words he's famous for being famous. I'll continue ignoring anything from that tribe.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Oct 31 10:30:31

He has served us something to think about.

Have the African-Americans truly been used and abused by the Democrats?

In my opinion, they have.

Wed Oct 31 10:55:53

Meanwhile all over America Republicans are trying to keep blacks, hispanics, Native Americans ... from voting.


Wed Oct 31 10:58:18
Waaaaaah expecting people to register to vote waaaaaah
Wed Oct 31 10:59:51

And when they register, they are still booted from voter rolls.


the wanderer
Wed Oct 31 11:28:18
& polling places in minority areas closed

there should not be long lines ever
Wed Oct 31 11:38:53
Have a non-white last name and a signature that's slightly off? VOTE DENIED. Also the secretary of state in charge of such things is also a candidate in the same race.


ATLANTA Voting advocates and civil rights groups have homed in on Gwinnett County and what they deem to be its "excessive rejection of mail ballots because of voters' innocent errors and discrepancies."

Late Monday, a new lawsuit was filed U.S. District Court in Atlanta against Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the state elections board and the Gwinnett County elections board over the issue. The suit, brought on behalf of five plaintiffs and underwritten by the Coalition for Good Governance, asks a judge to order that all rejected absentee ballots and absentee ballot applications be reviewed and be reinstated if at all possible.

Through Sunday, Gwinnett County had rejected about 8.5 percent of such ballots, an AJC analysis found. Across Georgia, less than 2 percent had been rejected.

Gwinnett's 390 rejected ballots accounted for about 37 percent of the total rejected ballots statewide.

Analysis by the Lawyers Committee suggested that the rejections also affected Asian, black and Latino voters at greater rates than white voters. More than 60 percent of Gwinnett residents are non-white.


"The penalty for even the smallest clerical error or a question about the voter's signature is disenfranchisement, with no meaningful opportunity to cure any perceived discrepancy," the lawsuit says.


Federal Judge proposes injunction against Sec. of State Office involving absentee ballots

The judge saying, that's unacceptable, rejecting arguments by the Attorney General and Secretary of State's offices that it would be too difficult -- ruling "defendants cannot cry foul"

The judge also seemingly baffled by their claims that it would call into question the integrity of the election to allow all legal, eligible voters to vote-- the court instead ruling that "to the contrary it strengthens it."

"All we're doing is protecting the sacred and constitutional right to vote. And if someone suggests that protecting the right to vote is wrong, I don't want to be right."
Wed Oct 31 11:42:47
The sacredness of the constitutional right to vote isn't in clinging to it for yourself, but in allowing everyone to do it. God damned traitors.
Wed Oct 31 12:02:06
Member Wed Oct 31 11:42:47
The sacredness of the constitutional right to vote isn't in clinging to it for yourself, but in allowing everyone to do it. God damned traitors.

Meanwhile, the absolute nightmare it is in order for me to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights...

And the concept of everyone and anyone being able to vote isn't a sacred constitutional law, it's a SCOTUS interpretation. When it comes to presidential elections, technically nobody has that right at all, it's a privilege that your state government gives you.

IMO popular voting in national elections SHOULD be discouraged as much as possible, the vote gives off the illusion that the federal government has a popular mandate to rule as it sees fit rather than merely overseeing this federation of sovereign states. At a minimum, the 17th was a mistake.
Wed Oct 31 16:54:28

"Have a non-white last name and a signature that's slightly off? VOTE DENIED."

While they demand that citizens prove that they are eligible to vote ... I wonder what kind of credentials they demand of the hand writing analysts denying people that right.

I'm sure they are all credentialed experts in the field.
Wed Oct 31 17:11:24
"Meanwhile, the absolute nightmare it is in order for me to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights... "

Surely you jest...
Wed Oct 31 18:16:43

Surely. :o)

Wed Oct 31 20:35:42
"Surely you jest..."

In Massachusetts? In Boston, in particular? lol nah
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Oct 31 21:08:06

Meanwhile, all over America Republicans are trying to keep blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans from voting Democrat ten times each after they are dead.


Some Parties just have no concept of fair play.

Wed Oct 31 21:17:20
Shouldn't these ballots have to be examined with criteria similar to ballots cast on election day? Each party has representation present and gets a say in the decision.

If it is just a couple of people in an office going this one looks fucked up that needs changed.

At the very least they need to be treated as provisional votes.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Oct 31 21:23:53

Anytime you see the left opposing ***ANYTHING*** then you know it is legit.

If they are supporting something you know it is as slimy and shitty as a cesspool.

Thu Nov 01 13:10:24
>>Some people call Kanye a musician.<<

:,) ohh you
But still the ”mumble rappers” they are light years ahead/behind (?) And these guys are fucking huge, kids listen to their shit even though you can barely tell what the fuck they are singing.

Lil xan (short for xanax) yes they be naming themselves after medication.
Lil yachtie
Lil Pump
Lil this lil that, lil ass on a hat and so on.

I threw in the towel, I don’t get hip hop anymore, I don’t get these kids or the pop culture, I am too old...
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Nov 01 16:37:00

Try this, you'll love it.


Watch it till the end.

Thu Nov 01 18:11:09
^They're talking about fucking!
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Nov 01 19:20:30

Proves that I am an innocent.

I always thought they were talking about drag racing. :,(

Anarchist Prime
Thu Nov 01 19:32:06
racing in drag tickles your fancy.
very interesting.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Nov 01 19:48:25

I find it "very interesting" that you have no idea what drag racing is.

Are you old enough to drive yet sonny?

Do your parents allow you to watch grown-up television yet or do you still look forward to Sponge Bob Square Pants?

Do you still drool when you try to get too much oatmeal in your mouth at once?

Just curious.

Cold Rod
Thu Nov 01 20:07:49
Hot rod wants to know hoping your young enough so he can rape you. As you know hot rod rapes kids
Fri Nov 02 04:32:30
>>^They're talking about fucking!<<

*gears turning*

Rock around the clock....
When the clock strikes one...
Fuck around the clock tonight...

Oh my god, it all makes sense now.. Rock and roll music ruined the american youth. NOOOOOOOO!
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Nov 02 06:42:28


We just allowed the Hippies to ruin it.

Fri Nov 02 16:51:18

"Meanwhile, all over America Republicans are trying to keep blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans from voting Democrat ten times each after they are dead."

You realize that you're as bad as any slave owner ever was, right? You do the exact same thing that they did. You deny the humanity of others to benefit yourself.

Sat Nov 03 00:21:32
So Larry Hoover isn't getting out?
Sat Nov 03 00:39:04
"^They're talking about fucking!"

By my rough estimate, 70% of rock was talking about fucking.
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