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Utopia Talk / Politics / fake sexual misconduct allegations
the wanderer
Wed Oct 31 13:51:21
HR was right! those damn liberals...

oops, wait... it was done by Jacob Wohl (who I actually recognized from his immediate sycophantic comments to every tweet Trump makes)

apparently he had a scheme to smear Mueller w/ false allegations, which unraveled quick, but not quick enough that Gateway Pundit didn't have it up briefly


seems Wohl has a fake investigation company:

"the LinkedIn profile pictures of supposed Surefire Intelligence employees were either models or actors, such as the Hollywood star Christoph Waltz.

Other sleuthing revealed that Surefire’s website was registered by someone using Wohl’s email address, that Wohl was actually the man in a shaded anonymous image purporting to be company managing partner “Matthew Cohen” and that the firm’s phone number redirected to Wohl’s mother’s voice mail. "

now he's being investigated by the FBI... haha :p
Wed Oct 31 13:56:27
It's a wonder that someone hasn't attempted to assassinate Mueller. I hope he has good protection. Not one picked by the Twitterman.
the wanderer
Wed Oct 31 14:06:03
there's going to be a full-court press to get rid of him after the midterms before he can get to all of Trump's financial fraud, so hopefully he has gotten lots of work done during this quiet period

Roger Stone certainly seems like the next Trump criminal friend to go down
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Oct 31 14:26:16


Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Oct 31 14:32:46

This has been up for 40 minutes.

I'm surprised there aren't at least 20 posts saying Trump planned this.

the wanderer
Wed Oct 31 15:16:57
no just a loyal cultist like yourself who thinks arranging false sexual assault allegations is easy
Cold Rod
Wed Oct 31 15:18:31
Only hot rod would come up with that conclusion.
Wed Oct 31 17:15:58

This is a good one. The guy listed an Israeli supermodel as the company's Tel Aviv station chief!

He was just pulling pictures off the internet and assigning them positions in his stupid company.

He's going to have so much fun in prison! :o)

Wed Oct 31 17:27:37
Presidential pardon
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