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Utopia Talk / Politics / media doesnt get it
Fri Nov 02 02:36:33
People love Trump

Fri Nov 02 02:53:28
SS should have shot him:

“I love you, Ivanka,” said one of the male employees
werewolf dictator
Fri Nov 02 03:36:32
besides trump using anti-terrorism rhetoric to reduce rates of terrorist attacks and terrorist fatalities by around one-third from obama administration.. and trump rhetoric boosting economic optimism and growth..

trump also stopped hillary from becoming president when woman so fervently belligerent likely had ~2% chance/year of creating world war 3 where 150 million american dies

last point alone gives mean expected value of trump saving lives of 12 million americans in first term.. and makes trump greatest political leader in american history
Fri Nov 02 03:58:14
Now I have no idea how the mid terms will turn out. I was positive the silicon valley clamp down on social media would have an effect, but the dems manage to fuck this one up with more of the same BS. Jesus Christ. I would have ca

This current paradigm with the post modern epistemology (Trump belongs to this school of ”knowledge”) must come to an end. When we come full circle and ”white CIS normative men” are not boogie men and treated like everyone else, we can move to a better place. This is a dead end, the sooner liberals get it the better, you will not defeat the far right with a far left, progress will only be made from the center.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Nov 02 06:33:20

That is one cool family.

the wanderer
Fri Nov 02 11:06:40
...of fraudsters, every last one of them
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