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Utopia Talk / Politics / Extreme Caution Needed
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Nov 06 08:26:32

If the Democrats win just one House,

It will be the biggest Clusterfuck that America has ever seen.

Spam Rod
Tue Nov 06 08:27:34
Sorry guys. I should really remember to post under this name.
Tue Nov 06 08:29:26
The biggest cluster fuck is currently residing (part time) in the White House. Poster child for post natal abortion.
the wanderer
Tue Nov 06 10:56:43
the Dems aren't going to take the Senate...

but i'm sure you will give Trump full credit for 'saving' the Senate... even though no one is expecting it to change

& if Dems take the House,
Trump will blame them for:
-next years $1T deficit even though already expected to be that
-immigration problems, even though R's don't have a solution either
-GDP not maintaining 4% even though it never was
-stock market not rising even though it's been down since January
-the 10% tax cut not happening even though it never was happening
-countless more things
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