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Utopia Talk / Politics / Has the time come now?
Wed Nov 07 14:14:33
For Trump to show how much taxes he is paying?
Average Ameriacn
Wed Nov 07 14:41:56
We all know he paid more than you.
Wed Nov 07 14:56:53
The soon to be Democrat Congress would be better served writing progressive legislation that will serve ALL the citizens of the USA.

Then let the Republican Senate and the Twitterman block it or Veto it. Thus establishing their contempt for the average citizen.
Wed Nov 07 15:01:36
Nancy Pelosi basically said as much.
Wed Nov 07 16:39:41
Why would he do that? If the Democrats want to waste their time on that I'm sure he is fully on board. The house can demand his tax returns but all they can do is look at them. They can't make them public and if they do make them public then President Trump will have the justice department investigate who leaked the returns. All this means President Trump gets to control the narrative.
Wed Nov 07 17:49:37
"Wed Nov 07 14:41:56
We all know he paid more than you."

A rich american paying more taxes than a Swede with a job? Not bloody likely.
the wanderer
Wed Nov 07 18:15:17
he probably doesn't pay anything just like his son-in-law/Satan who uses that stupid 'depreciation' deduction for his properties
Wed Nov 07 18:31:35
He was audited by the IRS so no matter what the house finds there would be no legality problems. At best (for Democrats) it would be a perception problem. Either way probably a non issue legally or in 2020.
Wed Nov 07 18:39:08
"Sweden has a progressive income tax, the general rates for 2018 are as follows (based on yearly incomes):

0% from 0 kronor to 18,800 kronor
Circa 32% (ca. 11% county and 20% municipality tax which is the Swedish average): from 18,800 kronor to 468,700 kronor
32% + 20%: from 468,700 kronor to 675,700 kronor
32% + 25%: above 675,700 kronor[4]
The first 18,000 kronor of the yearly income are not taxed. Taxable income is reduced by general deductions which means that the marginal tax in practice varies between 7 % on incomes just above 18,800 kronor to 60,1 % on incomes above 675,700 kronor.[5]

For an average salary, on an additional pay of 100 kronor, the employee first pays 32 kronor in income tax (direct, 32%); on top of that, the employer pays an additional 31.42 kronor in employer's social fees (indirect, 31.42%) as a fee for the employee's adherence to the Swedish social security scheme. The effective rate may be lowered by, for example, earned income tax credits and other deductions.

In addition, the employee pays 7 percent in pension contributions to the public system, with a cap at an annual income of 420,447 kr. Thus, the maximum employee contribution is 29,400 kr. The employee's contributions are fully tax-deductible."

All this to pay for the privilege of living in an area with no sunlight and lots of rapefugees. Shithole.
Wed Nov 07 22:37:32
To go through life without any worry about losing your health insurance or have some kind of accident send you into bankruptcy and to always be able to better yourself or have better economic opportunities because education is of good quality and free ...

Jealous much Rugian?
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