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Utopia Talk / Politics / I guess we will surrender to China
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Nov 16 00:26:08
Here's where the magic happens.

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Nov 16 00:35:16
"The poor can't afford them and the rich don't need them"
Most accurate quote ever.
The Overseer
Fri Nov 16 03:24:04
This one is better.

Fri Nov 16 10:43:39
Well, I’ve only got a three questions.

Are there only asian dolls?

Can you change the hair and skin color?

Do they all have those big tits or do they come in different sizes?
Fri Nov 16 11:17:48
Unless this comes with a separate BBC doll to fuck it in front of me, I'm not interesred.
Fri Nov 16 12:32:48
At approx 1:23 you can actually see the doll’s anus. This thread should have been marked nsfw.

I wonder if there is a chinese guy at the factory who is working with quality control and is testing the dolls before they are being shipped to the stores in America? :)
Tue Nov 20 05:18:12
And they get exploited already!


Finland’s first sex doll brothel to open in Helsinki this week

Created: 13 November 2018

Finland's first sex doll brothel in Helsinki on Friday, 9th Nov., 2018. Russian-owned Unique Dolls brothel opens next week Male clients pay 100 euros per one hour with a silicone doll.

THE DOORS of Helsinki’s very own sex doll brothel are due to open this week, the first of any such establishment to open in Finland.

The “Unique Dolls” brothel will open in a basement behind the Kannelmäki Shopping Centre on 15 November, amid a global surge in the popularity of synthetic sexual companions. The news has already made headlines internationally, with the establishment being one of very few in Europe to currently operate publicly.

Those looking for a silicone-based sex session to get them through the long winter nights will have to fork out €100 an hour for the pleasure, but should be comforted to know that they won’t be alone, with Iltalehti reporting that there have already been a number of advance bookings.

Patrons will have four different dolls to choose from, which are named Candy, Crystal, Nicky, and Jennifer. The hyper-realistic, life-sized dolls cost between €2300-4000 to buy and are built in specialist factories in China and Germany.

Candy is the most expensive doll, owing to her authentic-feel silicone skin, which reportedly feels very similar to the real thing. The dolls also come fully equipped with hair, lips, and a removable synthetic vagina. The dolls are heated up with an air-dryer beforehand in order to give the impression of human warmth, a necessity for those visiting the air-conditioned, windowless brothel.

Visitors can rest assured that the dolls are thoroughly cleaned out before use, in a meticulous process that takes over an hour. Each doll is situated in a private room featuring a sofa bed, speakers, and a flat-screen TV. Patrons are also provided with towels, lubricant, and condoms – the latter of which are compulsory to use. Only four people at a time are able to visit Unique Dolls.

Speaking to Iltalehti, the owner of the establishment, an unnamed Russian entrepreneur, states that the purpose of the dolls is to “help people” meet their sexual desires, particularly those who may not be comfortable doing so with real people. They have also suggested that they will consider purchasing male sex dolls if there is sufficient demand in the future.

Whether Unique Dolls will prove to be a hit among frisky Finns remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that the establishment is a colourful addition to this quiet suburb of Northern Helsinki.
Tue Nov 20 05:41:26
"Male clients pay 100 euros per one hour with a silicone doll"

For 100 euros I'd rather buy my own doll.
Tue Nov 20 06:45:01
large member
Wed Nov 21 02:32:33
What a lost opportunity. Tiger noses as vaginal inserts to enhance immersion. It would even had been amusing.

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