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Utopia Talk / Politics / Make UP great again!
Tentacle Rapist
Fri Nov 16 19:08:03
Recruit some goddamn posters so we can laugh at the butthurt!
Fri Nov 16 19:26:42
Open up account creation.

And give us inline quoting
Turtle Crawler
Fri Nov 16 19:43:35
I could... would have to decompile the source and do fancy things.

Do you have the html you want for inline quoting?

Fri Nov 16 21:55:38
when was it ever 'great'???
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Nov 17 12:49:41

It still is.

Sat Nov 17 13:10:54
Can't you just use the code from the earth boards? They have quoting
Sat Nov 17 13:34:45
I can ask them to hand over the code if you don't have it anymore (or never did). Otherwise lemme know what you need
Sun Nov 18 20:01:30
I wrote a clone that has source code. It's more or less an exact clone with none of those fancy 21st century features you all hate. But:

1. I don't know what fancy mod tools do or don't exist so they'd need adding.

2. It's Python instead of Yava. (and I don't think TC is experienced with that language)

It has some perks going for it though:

1. The source code exists

2. It linkifies https URLs.

3. It linkifies multiple URLs in a single post.

3. You can refresh the page after submitting a post.

It's here: http://github.com/chuck-swirve/up . Everything is two years old but I think I made a post here where I gave advice on how to run it locally to try it out. Should still work more or less.
Sun Nov 18 20:31:55
How'd you manage to make a whole post that does not address the issue of inline quoting?

Are you sure you're not the chuck from Simians whose dating a black midget?
Sun Nov 18 21:27:37
Learn to do it yourself. What ever happened to self-reliance with you fucking internet nerds?
large member
Sun Nov 18 23:46:10
Rugged individualism is nutured mostly in a theoretical sense in this forum chuck.
large member
Sun Nov 18 23:46:41
Manifested mostly in the form of kewlkid cynicism
Mon Nov 19 11:33:52
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