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Utopia Talk / Politics / Germany, France becoming increasingly anti-American
Mon Nov 19 05:38:19
Germany and France (and Britain) wants to ban Trump's best friends and allies:

The Latest: 18 Saudis banned from all 26 Schengen countries

6 a.m.

Germany’s foreign minister says Berlin has banned 18 Saudi nationals from entering Europe’s border-free Schengen zone because they are believed to be connected to the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Heiko Maas told reporters in Brussels on Monday that Germany issued the ban for the 26-nation zone in close coordination with France, which is part of the Schengen area, and Britain, which is not.

12:30 a.m.

President Donald Trump said there is no reason for him to listen to a recording of the “very violent, very vicious” killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Mon Nov 19 09:13:07
Trump doesn't represent America and we'll prove it when we boot him in 2 years.

- The majority of Americans
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Nov 19 11:13:05

dukbrain, if you don't America, get the out.

Cold Rod
Mon Nov 19 11:17:15
^wonders why he's called stupid.
Wrath of Orion
Mon Nov 19 11:20:30
I'm guessing Retard Rod "don't America" either.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Nov 19 11:23:01
ERR... - like.

Thanks for pointing out my little error.

Cold Rod
Mon Nov 19 11:23:54
^Still manages to fuck up
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Nov 19 11:30:36

To hell with it, I have other things to do.

And I admit to both huge and unforgivable errors.

I'm going to the pet store across the street and buy some tropical fish which I will swallow whole and alive. That will teach me.

Cold Rod
Mon Nov 19 11:32:00
Should turn yourself in for being a pedophile
Mon Nov 19 15:06:49

Has anyone asked Canada how much they're enjoying this?

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