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Utopia Talk / Politics / Sessions Resing II & Trump is corrupt
the wanderer
Tue Nov 20 19:10:32
"Exactly. They went after Tea Party groups or any group they thought might be Tea Party related but didn't even glance at obvious political groups on the left. "

a) notice how you aren't saying 'Obama'... Obama had nothing to do with it

b) Tea Party groups were the ones abusing the system... obviously a memo had gone around in their circles to try it... there were lists of groups getting the classification published at the time, it was acceptable ones (non-political... like Fire Fighters associations) & then the Tea Party ones

c) see a)

Obama vs Trump = NO comparison whatsoever, in corruption or dishonesty or any measure of fitness for office

black & white
the wanderer
Tue Nov 20 19:11:37
*Resigns... :p

although it was a firing, so that's wrong too... & w/ corrupt intent
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