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Utopia Talk / Politics / Another One Bites the Dust
Wed Nov 28 01:17:32
Valadao (CA-21) is going down:

Wed Nov 28 04:46:30
Maine's second district is still being fought. The loser in the countries first Congressional race decided with Rank Choice Voting is now calling for a recount.
Poliquin (R) the incumbent was ahead by 1% in the first round of voting but didn't gain the required 50% to win under the RCV system voted in by Maine voters.
Gordon (D) was 1% behind after the first round.
There were 8% of the votes that went to 2 other candidates.
Per RCV rules the 8% were then recounted with their 1st choice being thrown out and their 2nd choice being counted.
After the recount Gordon gained enough votes to put him over the top.
The loser Poliquin has brought suite saying that RCV is unconstitutional and now has also called for a recount.
Average Ameriacn
Wed Nov 28 04:53:55
For anyone who missed the report on Fox:


Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith defeats Democrat Mike Espy in special election; Peter Doocy reports from Jackson, Miss.
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