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Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Dec 02 15:25:56

That the Democratic House will screw up either the North Korean negotiations or the Chinese Negotiations or both?

Canceling The USMTC is a foregone occurrence.

the wanderer
Sun Dec 02 15:30:48
United States Machine Tool Consumption Report?

if you mean USMCA for which Trump says
"Great reviews on the USMCA - sooo much better than NAFTA!"
it's just a tweaked NAFTA & will be fine
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Dec 02 15:38:28

Yes, I meant USMCA.

Sorry. Long day.

No one even believed that tweaking would happen.

Mighty important tweaking I might add.

The biggest tweak being Canadian Steel I believe.

the wanderer
Sun Dec 02 16:14:05
it's over 20 years old, i doubt anyone felt it couldn't use tweaking

Trump knew nothing about NAFTA
he'll know nothing about USMCA (his tweets mention nothing specific)

yet he'll hype it to hell & back just like everything else he wants credit for
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Dec 02 17:40:07

^^^^^ = totally hopeless.

Sun Dec 02 18:08:04
^^^^ believes his own lies
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