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Utopia Talk / Politics / Voter fraud... w/ actual evidence
the wanderer
Tue Dec 04 15:23:07
North Carolina:

A second woman, Cheryl Kinlaw, tells me she was paid $100 by McCrae Dowless to pickup absentee ballots. She said she never thought it was illegal because Dowless "has been doing it for years." She says needed extra money for Christmas presents.

Like the woman I interviewed yesterday, Kinlaw never mailed the ballots. She gave them to McCrae Dowless. She doesn't know what he did with them afterward. She says she has no doubt Dowless wanted Mark Harris and Sheriff Jim McVicker to win.

"I don't know what happened to them, he had stacks of them on his desk."


McCrae Dowless is a convicted felon (fraud & perjury) who was hired as an independent contractor by Mark Harris (the R candidate for the House who 'won' by 0.4%)
Tue Dec 04 18:49:16
But immigrants in disguises!
Wed Dec 05 05:31:32
Sheriffs in the deep south are notorious for their corruption.
Wed Dec 05 08:21:12
Filthy carpetbagger immigrants are trying to steal North Carolina from real Americans. In the face of this crisis, reasonable countermeasures are warranted.
Wed Dec 05 09:22:00
You mean other highly-educated Americans bringing valuable skills to the research triangle and creating tons of new jobs?

Ok dumbass.

And you live in Massachussetts despite hating everything liberal. Why don't you move to Arkansas and enjoy a hillbilly life free of guvment.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Dec 05 10:18:52
It still has Hilary stank.
Tentacle Rapist
Wed Dec 05 13:42:07
This is the America Obama left behind. It's OK though guys, Trump will make everything great again!
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