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Utopia Talk / Politics / Question for Foxnews viewers
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Dec 06 22:12:51
Do you have any idea of the shitstorm coming Trump's way?
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Dec 06 23:13:09

Do you have any idea what is coming the Clintons way?

large member
Thu Dec 06 23:43:26
Almost certainly front row seats at Trump's funeral. Fast food does not a long life make.
the wanderer
Thu Dec 06 23:52:56
how Laura & Sean reacted to the Flynn docs:

“After 18 months—and you’ve got this guy in a vice grip for 18 months—this?” Ingraham said, referring to Mueller’s sentencing memo. “I mean, unless those redactions are really, like, knock your socks off, maybe they will be, I think this is a big zero. I think this Mueller thing, and what they did to Flynn is disgusting.”

Ingraham's response was similar to that of fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity, who said the memo was a "disgrace" before pivoting to Hillary Clinton and James Comey, arguing that they should be the first people to face punishment in "a long list of Democrats and Trump haters who have lied under oath before Congress and have faced no consequences."


the facts:
Comey didn't lie under oath, pretty sure no evidence suggesting Hillary did either

the Flynn doc is heavily redacted... & presumably they didn't randomly choose what to black out, but instead chose to blacked out sensitive investigative information so its absolutely idiotic to draw conclusion that it's nothing
the wanderer
Thu Dec 06 23:57:28
this is the supplement doc detailing the info he gave (& nearly all of it is blacked out)

Laura & Sean are the disgraces
the wanderer
Fri Dec 07 00:13:05
more docs coming tomorrow for Cohen & Manafort... likely w/ lots more black ink

here's hoping for some juicy stuff to make the total idiot rage tweet more obstruction evidence
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sun Dec 30 18:36:02
Thats exactly what happened.
Mon Dec 31 06:58:38
Trump should declare that the 2018 elections were compromised by Russian hacking and void the results.

In fact, as long as the Russians continue to be able to be behind every single bad thing in the world, we should assume that any future elections would be similarly compromised and cancel them instead.
the wanderer
Mon Dec 31 13:41:52
here's how bad Hannity is:

(video from January)

Hannity implies NY Times story of Trump trying to fire Mueller is false by saying 'his sources aren't confirming' (meaningless)... then suggesting a 'no comment' (meaningless) from Trump's attorney is a denial... WHAT GARBAGE already

then later in the show "oh well, i guess Trump did try to fire Mueller, meh so what, moving on"

a total embarrassment to the concept of news, yet he has the ratings, so he keeps his total garbage show...

confirms Fox News as garbage too
Mon Dec 31 21:04:42
God, Rugian's tired ass "no u libs/god emperor for life" one two punch.

He's old too right? Is a December two-for-one too much to ask?
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