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Utopia Talk / Politics / merry fuckin xmas
The Children
Mon Dec 24 09:23:49
4 all us loners and exiles and untouchables outthere. fistbump!

remember we own the place. MGTOW 4 LIFE.
the one and only way 4ward.

MGTOW baby.
Mon Dec 24 11:02:28
UPs only actual incel

Take note cuckhat
The Children
Mon Dec 24 14:37:11
im watchin home alone 1...

i culd give 2 fucks what u think. i am a true man. a real bad ass motherfucker. incel, what the fuck is an incel. i spit on that name. take that shit outta here.

im a MGTOW, a real bad ass mofo. nottin less.a true supersayain.

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