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Utopia Talk / Politics / another friendly but realistic reminder
The Children
Tue Dec 25 02:25:12
u face facts now, bitches.


China by far the best place 2 live in.
1) one of da safest if not the safest place
2) superbly modern
3) superbly ancient culture
4) unbelievable delicious and cheap food
5) world class transportation unlike the overpriced shit that they got over here that isnt even FREE. like wtf.
6) low crime, low thugs, low gangstas, low aliens and other uncultured foreigners.
7) everything ur gadget heart desires is there
8)unbeliavbly pretty

recognize that shit, bitches

The Children
Tue Dec 25 02:25:41
The Children
Tue Dec 25 02:26:26
they all come back. once they had asian, they never go back 2 caucasian
Tue Dec 25 05:09:36
Five killed in China as hijacked bus crashes into pedestrians

At least five people were killed and 21 injured after a hijacked bus crashed into pedestrians in east China's Fujian province on Tuesday afternoon, state media reported.

A hijacker carrying a knife had been detained and was being investigated by local police, state television CGTN reported.

The incident happened at about 3:20 pm in the city of Longyan, the local Minxi Ribao newspaper reported. A policeman was among the five confirmed dead.

A video posted by Duowei news, a Chinese media outlet based in the US, showed several injured people lying on the street near a crashed bus. It also showed police wrestling a person to the ground.

The Longyan public security bureau declined to comment when contacted by AFP.

China has suffered several similar incidents this year.

In late November a car rammed into a group of children crossing a street in front of an elementary school in northeast China's Liaoning province, killing five people and injuring another 18.

Earlier that month, about 15 people died when a bus plunged off a bridge in southwest Chongqing municipality, after the driver got into a fist fight with a passenger who had missed her bus stop.

In February, a van packed with pressurised gas tanks and petrol-filled bottles caught fire and ploughed into pedestrians in Shanghai, leaving at least 18 people injured.

Grisly car accidents are common in China, where transportation authorities have struggled to enforce safety regulations, which are often flouted or go unenforced.

Tue Dec 25 05:11:13
A video http://youtu.be/_mB101IQsjI
Tue Dec 25 05:25:22
I've heard that they have Chinese restaurants on almost every corner in China.
The Children
Tue Dec 25 06:04:56
fuck yea.
anything u want. german, italian, japanese, traditional chinese, modern chinese, thai food, korean, sichuan, catonese seafood, mongolian BBQ, street vendor foods, michelin rich mans food, junkfood.


fuck yea, best place to live.

smart dude
Tue Dec 25 06:29:26
1. In terms of violent crime? Yes, maybe. But otherwise no. Really, whether you die from getting shot or die by getting run over by some dumbass on a scooter, what's the difference?

2. Only in tier 1 cities, and only if you disregard the babies, toddlers and old people shitting on the sidewalk.

3. Irrelevant

4. Unless you're willing to spend money, most of the food is made of shitty low-quality ingredients that's probably tainted in some way. China has great food and it has cheap food, but don't conflate the two.

5. See Paramount's post.

6. See #1

7. Uh, you can get almost any gadget in almost any decent country in the world. I guess China has more knockoffs?

8. Yes, there's lots of beautiful natural scenery if you're willing to get out of the disgusting cities.
Tue Dec 25 06:49:41
Life Inside China's Total Surveillance State

The Children
Tue Dec 25 14:35:35
the bullshittos is very strong in here.

china is by far, and that is BY FAR, u dumb bitch, the safest and one of da best places 2 live in.

stfu with ur fake facts.

we have no thugs, gangstas, hoodlums, we have low crime rate, u dunt get robbed in the middle of da nite, u stupid bitch. nobody feels unsafe in china, ever. not even foreigners.

we have da best food. da best fusion foods, da best diversity of other cultures foods, they all flocked 2 chinas middle class, so yea. u seen our supermarkets? u have maybe 20 different fruits 2 chose from. we have HUNDREDS. from all over da world, u fool.

u have 10 ramen choices. we have HUNDREDS.
u have 10 dessert shops in ur town centre if ur lucky. we have HUNDREDS. u got starbucks. we got starbucks AND TEA houses, bubble tea, traditional tea, traditional medicinal tea, 7elevens u fuckin name it.

no, our 7elevens, kfcs, mcdonalds arent ur 7elevens, kfcs and maccieds. u dumb fuck. u ever seen a 7eleven in china, japan and korea. its like 3 of ur 7elevens injected with steroids.

we have da best skylines, da best lightshows, da best clean streets, da best modern buildings and highrises. aint even a contest. we have da best transportation systems. world class. bar none. period. we say we are nr2. everyone else will automatically say they are nr3 and below!

we have one of da best ancient cultures. our relics and old buildings and shit r everywhere. reflectin our strong and powerfull past. da mix of modern and ancient is unbeatable. suck it. thats what 5000 years of history means, automatic advantage bitches!

our foodz be tainted? never heard of anyone dyin from eatin our food. sure there was this nasty sewer oil scandal a few years back. but that is by far an exception and not da norm. and that shit be fixed now.

suck it. the people r amazin. friendly, open and warriors in da core.

our nature is unique and we r a frikkin different planet compared 2 other natures. stuff u cant find anywhere else. it is unique just like our culture.

one of da best place bitch. recognize that shit. meanwhile u have hoodrats and rednecks and chads and chavs, and just well... u got trash hahaha
The Children
Tue Dec 25 15:00:32
and oh yea, sure shittin in da streets is embarassin. but u speak as if shittin in da streets does not happen in ur country.

lmao the best shittin in da streets video i have ever seen is from india. then the american.

so yea. sucks 2 be u hahaha
Tue Dec 25 15:12:49
Any bets on how long it would take THe Children to find China on a map?

That aside San Francisco seems to be the only place in US with a problem of people shitting in the streets. Coincidentally San Francisco has the highest percentage of Chinese people living there compared to other US cities.
Wed Dec 26 06:24:24
With a banner year for deals, India overtakes China as a favoured target
Deal making in India topped $92 billion this year

India is having its busiest year ever for corporate deal making, as foreign buyers are now spending more here than in China.

Companies and investors alike are betting the world’s fastest-growing large economy—once seen as bureaucratically sclerotic and unpredictable—is turning into a destination that offers opportunity driven by hundreds of millions of consumers. Other deal drivers include industry consolidation, a better bankruptcy system and a growing willingness among owners of large family businesses to cash out.

In all, mergers and acquisitions targeting Indian companies totaled $93.7 billion this year—up 52% from a year earlier—which is the highest tally since the economy started opening up in the 1990s, according to Dealogic. The value of overseas purchases in India has overtaken those in China. Acquirers spent $39.5 billion in India versus $32.8 billion in China, where growth is slowing and a trade battle with the U.S. is underway.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is striving to make life easier for business. He has eased foreign direct investment rules, implemented a new bankruptcy code, replaced a complex web of taxes with a nationwide goods and services levy and promised policies to end “tax terrorism,” which in the past left some international firms with surprise retrospective bills. The country leapt 23 places in the World Bank’s ease-of-doing-business ranking this year.

“Overall the environment is far more conducive to deal activity,” said Pramod Kumar, managing director and head of banking at Barclays in India.

Growth is now faster than China’s and holds the promise of a huge group of higher-spending consumers. India’s gross domestic product will almost double to $5 trillion by 2030, according to a report by government think tank NITI Aayog.

Enthusiasm is reflected in the nation’s public markets as well. The S&P BSE Sensex index is up 4.2% this year, making it one of the few benchmarks in the world in positive territory. India’s currency hit record lows earlier this year but the rupee has recovered some ground as oil prices have tumbled. India is a major importer of energy.

“Anything which touches the domestic consumption story has to be of interest,” said Sundareswaran S., executive director at Morgan Stanley in Mumbai.

Earlier this month, Unilever NV said it agreed to buy Horlicks, a malted-drink brand that is hugely popular in India, from GlaxoSmithKline PLC as part of a $3.75 billion deal. These kinds of large purchases allow companies to leapfrog the arduous process of establishing new businesses on the ground.

In the year’s biggest transaction, Walmart Inc. invested $16 billion for a majority stake in Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart Pvt Ltd. Technology firms have also attracted investors like SoftBank Group Corp , Naspers Ltd. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s Ant Financial Services Group. On Thursday, Naspers said it led a $1 billion fundraising for Swiggy, a food-delivery app company. In September, SoftBank led a $1 billion investment in hotel-booking startup OYO Hotels.

Executing deals is still difficult in India. A merger begun last year between Vodafone India and Idea Cellular Ltd. took 18 months to complete. Bankers say acquisitions of listed companies are still too complex. And a general election next year could temporarily slow the pace of takeovers.

Since the introduction of the bankruptcy code, hundreds of companies have entered insolvency proceedings and their owners are losing control, which was unimaginable just two years ago.

That is enabling deals like Tata Steel Ltd.’s $8.3 billion acquisition of domestic steelmaker Bhushan Steel Ltd. Hopes for an infrastructure and construction boom have led to fierce bidding for some assets from the bankruptcy court.

“It’s not a surprise that you have all these big guys who have been in steel, 10, 20, or 100 years getting so excited. In how many other countries are people so excited about buying steel assets?” said Kaustubh Kulkarni, head of investment banking at JP Morgan India Pvt. Ltd.

At the same time, energy and telecommunications markets are consolidating as larger players buy out struggling smaller counterparts. Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.’s aggressive push to sign up hundreds of millions of mobile users two years ago with low prices turned the industry upside down and spurred deals like Bharti Infratel Ltd.’s acquisition of Indus Towers Ltd. this year for $6.5 billion.

Sovereign wealth and pension funds are targeting local property and infrastructure assets. And bankers say the families behind some closely held companies are warming to the idea of selling controlling stakes, creating opportunities for private equity.

“Ownership is gradually becoming more financial than familial,” said S. Ramesh, CEO of Kotak Investment Banking.

The Children
Wed Dec 26 06:31:55
great! 95 billion is gonna buy a lot of toilets!
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