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Utopia Talk / Politics / home alone 5 -lost in shanghai
The Children
Tue Dec 25 10:39:52
watchin ha 2 right now. concept ofc being that new york is such a big city and shit...

well shit, those were ancient times. nowadays any decent chinese mid tier city dwarves new york.

they shuld make a lost in shanghai home alone 5 starrin a cute little chinese toddler.

smart dude
Tue Dec 25 11:57:43
Well i guess it wouldnt be too unusual for Chinese cinema to rip off another Western classic.
Tue Dec 25 12:07:15
To be fair, with the amount of yellow ricedick that Hollywood is ducking these days, this idea is hardly unfathomable.
Tue Dec 25 12:07:24
Tue Dec 25 12:33:11
For once Rugian talks about something he knows about. He's an expert at sucking dick from a wide variety of nationalities and cultures.

Man's gotta eat ... and Suck. And then eat again. And then suck some more.
The Children
Tue Dec 25 16:47:37
we wuldnt be stealin shit, bitch. we wuld be savin a dyin and dead franchise that used 2 be a classic in ancient times...

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