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Utopia Talk / Politics / Howard Hughes Knew How To Live
Fri Dec 28 22:37:11

He was a simple man who collected stool samples and loved to pound fame hungry gash.
Fri Dec 28 22:44:17
Sat Dec 29 00:59:37
Gotta spend your money on something.
The Children
Sat Dec 29 05:34:05
u mean 2 say, another sexual predator sugar daddy and the countless whores exposed?

90% of women 2day r whores. unfaithfull, disloyal whores.

thats why MGTOW. no MGTOW is not incell, u dumb fucks. MGTOW is 4 real MEN who r sick and tired of being mistreated, sick of all da drama.

ur in CONTROL of ur own life.

Sat Dec 29 10:16:33
Hoes gotta eat
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Dec 29 10:23:54
This article sort of explains a lot. How one rejection slowly drove this asshole insane and no one could correct him.
Sat Dec 29 16:26:36
Did a bit of reading. The Children is right that MGTOW isn't the same as incel. Generalizing an incel knows nobody wants to have sex with them and don't think that is fair. They think they have a right to sex. MGTOW's are delusional and think they could have sex if they wanted but are choosing not to. So far that is the difference I see.
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