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The Children
Sat Dec 29 06:12:15
lol the ultimate cucks.


Sat Dec 29 10:39:12
So where is the SVT article where SVT says that the murder has nothing to do with Islam? Right, there is no such article. SVT says it is terror related and that IS are behind it. Then you as a reader can make with that as you wish.

What the fuckface author, Tyler Durden, at Zero Hedge doesn’t get from his own twitter links is that it is a twitter user who comes to the conclusion and says in his own (not SVT:s) sarcastic words that the murder has nothing to do with Islam.

Måste ändå summera #svt 's utspel gällande muslimska terrordådet i Marocko & IS"krigare".
-morden i Marocko har inget med islam att göra!

English translation:

Must still sum up #svt's play about Muslim terrorist attacks in Morocco & IS "warriors".
- the murder of Morocco has nothing to do with Islam!

- -

It is the same if a British or American citizen are being bulldozed to death or shot and murdered by jewish settler terrorists.... the media won’t say that: ”The murder has nothing to do with Judaism!”. Just as they wouldn’t say that: ”The murder has to do with Judaism!”.

Opinion Editorials may do that, but not news agencies.
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