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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trumps people in Paris
Sat Dec 29 17:22:56
Police teargas 'yellow vest' protesters in Paris

Several hundred people wearing the symbolic hi-visibility vests had gathered near the offices of France Televisions and the BFM TV channel in the centre of the capital shouting "Fake news" and calling for the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron.


I wonder if these hooligans and revolutionaries are being paid by the same people who put Trump in power.
Sat Dec 29 19:07:52
"Revolutionaries"= protestors. I really hope the leftists get their fucking heads cut off.
werewolf dictator
Sun Dec 30 16:39:41
the peasants are supposed to be proud that they are reducing their carbon footprints by not driving cars and not having any stuff.. while only al gore types fly all over planet in jet planes and live in mansions..

why did elites hire all those scientist shills to promote this climate change doctrine if peasants are still going to be restive..

peasants need to be happy and proud about being poor dammit.. at least until unfailingly loyal terminator robot models are in mass production
Sun Dec 30 17:30:22
""Revolutionaries"= protestors. I really hope the leftists get their fucking heads cut off."

Pretty sure calling for an untimed regime change makes one a revolutionary.
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