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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Game of the Yea
Sat Dec 29 17:56:59
Red Dead Redemption 2.

lol, yup. Best game. Game is amazing. There are so many things you can do in this game. You can hike in the snowy mountains, ride your horse on the plains, set up a camp, cook coffee, track and hunt all kinds of animals from bizons to ducks and grizzly bears to crocodiles. Catch fish. Rob trains, stores, townsfolk and homesteads. Go treasure hunting. Play cards. Etc.

The only thing I’m not sure about yet, is wether you can get laid or not. Maybe it comes later in the game when I reach the bigger cities like Saint Denis. I have already discovered that city but chosen not to enter it just yet. I wanna wait a bit and see when the story takes me there. In the meantime I’ve got plenty of things to do elsewhere. I’ve got one of the best horses the game has to offer, but I still do not have the dynamite arrows. I’m gonna try to get that tomorrow if not something else comes in between. I’ve got a couple of challanges to complete also. Like, lasso a victim when I’m on my horse and then drag the poor bastard 3000 meters or something. Game is cruel. It’s like they want to teach kids to cross the line and be sadistic killers.
Sat Dec 29 19:06:32
I dont think anyone is surprised that a statist like mountme would be so thrilled with a game that allows for individual freedom.
The Children
Sun Dec 30 04:59:06
theres no crocs in da wild west...

just aligators.

but yea, this game is awesome. but lets face it, god of war stole that title in the awards.
Sun Dec 30 10:47:10
I don't think it surprises anyone that a helpless retard like Obaminated would confuse market socialism with actual statism. Isn't it cool that people still work hard in other countries, pay a little more in taxes, and don't worry about losing everything due to a health accident or about getting permanently displaced by a rapidly changing economy due to free access to education?

"Oh wait, no, it's all bad because it's easier to make shit up than actually change for the better."

Typical cuckservative
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