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Utopia Talk / Politics / Fat Moron Eaten by Lion
smart dude
Mon Dec 31 10:17:19

The gist:

"The zoological park intern killed by an escaped lion in North Carolina "loved animals" and wanted to make a career of working with them, her family says."

OH, by the way: They had to euthanize the lion. So this fat loser "animal lover" not only got killed by a lion, but also got the animal she loved so much killed in the process. GG!
Mon Dec 31 10:23:32
""She was a beautiful young woman"

Fake news
the wanderer
Mon Dec 31 11:20:32
why are you blaming her? maybe it was a different fat loser who didn't secure the lion properly
Mon Dec 31 12:02:31
Dumb bitch.
Average Ameriacn
Mon Dec 31 12:04:24
Africans are dangerous, why wasn't she armed.
Mon Dec 31 13:29:16
That really has to be in the top 10 of awful ways to die - killed by a faster, stronger, lethal beast of some sort.
Mon Dec 31 16:38:30
Predatory cats kill their prey before they start eating them. Unlike bears.
Mon Dec 31 19:57:32
Not necessarily true. If the prey can fight back, they might kill straight out. But often predators aim for the weakest part which is often the anus or some other weakpoint.

Nature is pretty terrible.
Mon Dec 31 19:58:11
Hope the internship was unpaid. Otherwise what a waste of money
the wanderer
Mon Dec 31 22:14:37
here's some nature being awful
Tue Jan 01 01:16:36
yeah that video is legit terrifying.

but dukhat is wrong. bears eat live animals all the fucking time. they take salmon from rivers, eat em alive. even the fucking moron who lived among bears was eaten alive. so was his dumbass female friend (not romantic together) was eaten alive by bears after she fucking failed to stop him from being devourced alive. she tried to use a frying pan on the skull of a grizzly. it was not very effective.

i think being eaten by a bear or by an anaconda would be the worst ways to go. being eaten alive is terrifying. an anaconda would slowly kill you and youve be fully aware of your inevitable demise the entire time.
Tue Jan 01 08:01:27
So, perhaps "dead" or "alive" are not the distinctions bears, lions or any predator makes. It could simply be a matter of convenience. Small animals you can just eat, bigger animals tend to fight back and must be properly subdued or risk injury.
Tue Jan 01 10:25:08
Once again Obaminated lacks reading comprehension skills.

Cats can and do often eat prey alive. https://goo.gl/FqSPX4

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