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Wed Jan 02 14:21:03

U.K. Reportedly Seeks Military Bases in Caribbean and Asia

December 30, 2018, 7:51 AM EST
New bases part of ‘global player’ role, defense secretary says

Minister says deploying troops for Brexit is ‘good planning’

The U.K. is working on plans to build two new military bases in the Caribbean and southeast Asia, the Sunday Telegraph reported, citing an interview with Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

The plans are part of an effort to make the U.K. “a true global player” by increasing the country’s role on the international stage after it leaves the European Union, Williamson was quoted as saying. It also marks a shift from the so-called 1968 East of Suez strategy in which the U.K. withdrew from military bases in southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf, the minister told the paper.

“We have got to make it clear that that is a policy that has been ripped up and Britain is once again a global nation,” Williamson said. The U.K. already has bases in Cyprus, Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands and Diego Garcia, the newspaper reported.

Williamson predicted that the “political focus will shift quite dramatically” after Brexit and the U.K. has to build “deeper relationships with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Caribbean countries, but also nations right across Africa.”

The defense secretary also said in the interview that the U.K. government’s no-deal Brexit contingency plan -- which involves placing 3,500 troops on standby in the event of a chaotic exit from the EU in March -- was “good sensible planning.”

“We were always planning to carry a contingency there, just to make sure things run smoothly with or without a deal,” he said. A spokesman for the U.K. Ministry of Defence said he did not dispute the secretary’s comments quoted in the Telegraph’s report.

Wed Jan 02 14:31:43
If the southeast Asian base gets built in Taiwan I'll take back everything bad I've said about the UK.
Wed Jan 02 16:50:37
And in the real world, the MoD is trying to figure out how to fill the funding hole for the Dreadnaught class subs for the deterrent.

Empty announcements from Williamson count for nothing.
Wed Jan 02 16:54:03
And of course, all of these things could be done from inside the EU.

So linking them to brexit is just aimed to distract gullible people like Shannon from the fact there are no benefits at all from May's deal.
Wed Jan 02 17:00:31
Except at the end of the day, EU member states dont actually control their national budgets - the EU does.
Wed Jan 02 17:30:09

Um. What now? That's simply not true.

You might be thinking of the Eurozone, but even then that's only the deficit. If the country can raise the taxes they can spend the money on what they like.
Sam Adams
Wed Jan 02 17:50:20
Sebs country was defeated by an imaginary drone.
Wed Jan 02 18:06:30
Oh, it's a spoof account. I didn't even notice
Thu Jan 03 10:26:41
Canada raises $6 billion in 2 hrs. for privacy hedge.
The Children
Thu Jan 03 10:26:59
these delusional cuckinbred conservatives r high on opium.

the sun has set on these forsaken rocks, the empire is gone lads. it aint ever comin back. jesus fuck sake.urs is a country filled with chavs and drunk sluts. the only base u will be establishin is either in some greek or spanish village durin the yearly summer invasion or ibiza.

The Children
Thu Jan 03 10:27:36
what a shithole.
The Children
Thu Jan 03 10:36:39

look at these fine british foreign bases.

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