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Utopia Talk / Politics / RIP Nhu “Annie” Ngoc Quynh Nguyen
Freak Nation
Wed Jan 02 16:32:04

A woman got a $35 manicure, then fled without paying. The salon owner died trying to stop her.
By Katie Mettler

January 2, 2019

The nail salon owner’s work was her life, so when a customer tried to flee without paying for her $35 manicure, Nhu “Annie” Ngoc Quynh Nguyen tried to fight back.

Now, authorities in Las Vegas are investigating Nguyen’s death.

Nguyen, 51, a Vietnamese refugee who raised her daughters in the United States, was killed Dec. 29 outside her nail salon near the Las Vegas Strip when she tried to stop the fleeing customer, Metropolitan Police said. The customer, a woman who has not yet been identified and remains at large, hit Nguyen with a stolen rental car and drove away, authorities said.

Nguyen died of blunt force injuries, the Clark County coroner’s office told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Her death was ruled a homicide.

The incident unfolded Saturday afternoon, after the suspect sat for a $35 manicure at Nguyen’s salon, Crystal Nails and Spa. Nguyen co-managed the business with her longtime partner, Sonny Chung. The female customer tried to pay with a credit card, Chung told the Review-Journal, but the card was declined multiple times.

The woman told Nguyen she would retrieve money from her car, Chung said. The couple followed the woman outside, approached the car and tried to get the driver’s attention.

“My wife ran out and tried to stop her, and then [the customer] rolled forward,” Chung told the Review-Journal.

Police said the driver hit Nguyen and dragged her before fleeing the store parking lot. Witnesses told Fox 5 Vegas the altercation was over within seconds.

“I tried to hold the car back, but I’m not Superman,” Chung told the Review-Journal. “She ran off for $35 and killed my wife — $35 to run my wife over.”

A GoFundMe page created by family to help defray funeral costs describes Nguyen as an “extremely hard working" woman and “dutiful mother who always put her children first.” Her job took her across the United States, the page said, and Nguyen often worked 12 hour days, seven days a week so she could pay for her daughters to attend college. Nguyen also helped financially support her mother, siblings and grandchildren.

“Allowing them to have a greater opportunity in life, she worked endlessly,” the GoFundMe description says. Nguyen would skip meals so her family “would not have to work as hard as she did.”

Family told Fox 5 Vegas Nguyen had lived around the country, in Florida, California, Michigan and Arizona, before settling in Las Vegas two years ago. She had been in a relationship with Chung for nearly 13 years, he told the Review-Journal. Nguyen had three daughters — all in their 20s — and two young grandchildren, Chung said. They live in California but were in town for the holidays.

Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Ray Spencer told the newspaper the rental car, a black Chevrolet Camaro, was reported stolen about three weeks ago. Hours after the salon incident, authorities found the unoccupied vehicle at a nearby apartment complex.

“We do not believe the person who originally rented the car is the suspect,” Spencer told the Review-Journal.

Outside the salon, a makeshift memorial had been set up. One of Nguyen’s granddaughters had written a message on notebook paper covered with hearts: “We Love You Grandma.”

And on the door of the salon that is usually open 12 hours a day, seven days a week, a sign read: “Sorry, we will be closed until further notice. Thank you and Happy New Years.”

Police are still investigating Nguyen’s death and said Wednesday morning there was no additional information on the case.
Wed Jan 02 16:35:25
Oh no...that sucks.
the wanderer
Wed Jan 02 16:37:57
i'll go with black... even though there was a credit card
Wed Jan 02 16:47:14
Maybe there are cameras in or outside of the salon, at the parking lot, or where the abandoned car was found, or where it was parked when it was stolen.

If the customer has a smartphone, then maybe the police can search what phones was in the area at the time, and then the husband can identify the person.
Anarchist Prime
Wed Jan 02 17:49:46
wouldn't have happened if hillary was in the whitehouse
Wed Jan 02 20:49:07
this is shitty and seems like a series of rash decisions that continued to escalate.

as to guess the race.... as black as already picked, ill go with white meth head.
Wed Jan 02 20:51:47
Black. Stolen rental car + declined credit card.

Hood rat on a rampage
Wed Jan 02 23:48:05
Horrible. They should flay the person who did this alive and slowly dip them in acid.
Wed Jan 02 23:54:19
but what race, cuckhat ? def not asian.
Thu Jan 03 00:01:11
Who care what race you tard.
Thu Jan 03 00:02:41
It's a UP tradition. Would you dare scoff at tradition?
Thu Jan 03 03:08:33
Jewish is not a race, so I can’t say that. So I’m gonna say mixed race. White/hispanic.
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 03 03:44:21
I'll guess the 100m dash.
Thu Jan 03 05:29:14
Man, I cured that!
The Children
Thu Jan 03 06:29:33
hoodrat 4 sure!
the wanderer
Thu Jan 03 20:57:33
was Krystal Whipple, obaminated wins

video of incident here:
Thu Jan 03 23:56:51
What a fucking tard. If she just backs up and drives around, she will get like a misdemeanor theft since the amount of services was relatively small.

Now she will go to jail for a long, long time.

That's obaminated-level stupid.
the wanderer
Fri Jan 04 01:23:31
maybe she'll argue she feared for her life... an angry asian on the hood plus another on the rear bumper
Fri Jan 04 01:24:17
Darwin Award. Almost a double. That dude skated through the parking lot.

But yeah, skin her, keep her alive, and burn her at the stake.
Fri Jan 04 22:09:58
these sort of crimes always shock me. it wasn't plotted out. it was some dumb decision that has ruined several lives. crazy how fragile life can be. pretty sure that poor woman didn't wake up thinking she would get run over by a car for 35 bucks.
the wanderer
Fri Jan 04 22:37:51
actually paying $35 for a manicure would've been pretty poor decision-making as well
smart dude
Sat Jan 05 03:04:55
Oh no! One less Vietnamese nail salon worker. How will we cope?
smart dude
Sat Jan 05 03:08:32
IMO the fact that this dumb bitch (the white woman, I mean) ran over the gook should be considered independently from the fact that she ripped off nail salon lady. Just because the white trash lady ripped off the gook doesn't mean that the gook gets to stand in front of a moving car without consequences. She should have called the police and dealt with the issue through the proper channels. The gook decided to take the law into her own hands and got killed for it. Not really the white woman's fault. But whatever. I don't really sympathize with the dumb bitch.
Sat Jan 05 03:14:20
If she only had a gun!
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