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Utopia Talk / Politics / Apple imploding
large member
Thu Jan 03 08:55:01
Stock is falling like a rock on terrible sales projections in China.

The market is nervous as it is thinking Apple weakness in China is a sign of an overall slowdown over there.

I think it is simply consumer loyalty to the State. Apple sales are plummeting as consumers buy alternatives as a response to the trade war.

What do you reckon?
Anarchist Prime
Thu Jan 03 09:15:39
large member
Thu Jan 03 09:21:02
Well of course. But lets consider other complementary things.
Thu Jan 03 09:21:20
Ironic. These are the best iphones in a while though they are expensive. Just wait for a sale.

The SOC is twice as fast as anything Android has and is the first 7nm chip to market so it has excellent battery life too. Also, the performance is better than most Intel laptops; performance is super snappy.

But Chinese and India market use their phones also as their computers which has hurt apple as they segment their laptops and phones to make more money in the west.

Anyways, all the stocks have been falling because of the upcoming recession.
Thu Jan 03 09:45:24
"Just wait for a sale."

Someone has never been on the same continent as an Apple device. Sale? Girl, please.
Thu Jan 03 10:09:34
The others are catching up and they sell their phones for a lot less than Apple, and Apple isn’t as innovative anymore.
Thu Jan 03 10:11:00
China's manufacturing is contracting, domestic demand is slowing, the real estate sector is in a bubble, credit availability for private enterprises is frozen, the trade situation is a complete mess, and its closest foreign partners have been scared off by its abusive practices.

With any luck, China is about to be fucked.
Thu Jan 03 10:17:42
Oh, and hopefully Apple fails as well. BIH Steve Jobs.
The Children
Thu Jan 03 10:23:37
huawei sales exploded up.

i will support huawei aswell. deepstate arrested huawei showin there evilness.

we must stand against evil.
The Children
Thu Jan 03 10:24:43
haha china rugian is salty this is chinas century.

not china about 2 get fucked. its u. haha.
The Children
Thu Jan 03 10:32:12
haha u cucks dunt know what ur missin.

the huawei flagship is da best phone outthere. it has da best speedz, da best battery, da best colors, da best imagez, da best features, if that shit wasnt so expensive, i wuldve bought 1 myself. it looks so pretty. truly bling bling.

hahaha definitely supportin this company now.
hahaha ur country is so scared, u blocked them phones. BUHAHAHA like what?

as if noone in da world knows this hahaha.
Sam Adams
Thu Jan 03 10:56:32
Apple products suck and steve jobs died of aids.

That is all.
large member
Thu Jan 03 12:57:18
Hot Rod
You should choose your rant as they otherwise beat each other to death.

How can both private credit be frozen and China be in a real estate bubble?
large member
Thu Jan 03 13:09:20
Thu Jan 03 23:00:56
you can't keep selling the same shit to the same stupid people, eventualy you run out of customers.
Fri Jan 04 15:37:48

Apple just lost a Facebook: Market value decline since peak exceeds value of nearly any US company

Apple has lost $452 billion in market capitalization since Oct. 3.

Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Berkshire Hathaway are the only S&P 500 members with larger market caps than Apple's loss since its recent high.
To put the Apple market value plunge in context, $446 billion is:
more than double the size of Wells Fargo
more than three times the size of McDonald's
more than five times the size of Costco
more than 10 times the size of Raytheon

Fri Jan 04 20:03:29
Yeah, but that was from the absolute peak. If you invested in Apple 5 years ago, you are still well in the black.

These articles are meant to shock and amuse drive-by's. People who are value investing in the long term just throw it in the pile of information they use to make decisions.
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