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Thu Jan 03 12:01:19
China lands spacecraft on ‘dark’ side of moon in world first

BEIJING (AP) — China’s burgeoning space program achieved a first on Thursday: a landing on the so-called dark side of the moon that brings the country closer to its goal of becoming a space power.

Three nations — the United States, the former Soviet Union and more recently China — have sent spacecraft to the near side of the moon, which faces Earth, but this landing is the first-ever on the far side.

The China National Space Administration said the 10:26 a.m. touchdown of the Chang’e 4 craft has “opened up a new chapter in human lunar exploration.”

Sam Adams
Thu Jan 03 12:09:50
Good for them. As the west gets lazier and lazier, as diversity becomes more important than competence or achievement... we might have to hope that china can help inspire the next generation of explorers?
Thu Jan 03 12:19:36
Congratulations to China for demonstrating that they are capable of landing on the Moon. The 1960s couldn't be prouder right now.

Meanwhile, the US is busy calling audibles on deep space exploration missions:

"Having completed its flyby of Pluto in July 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft made four course changes in October and November 2015 to place itself on a trajectory towards 2014 MU69.[66][67] It is the first object to be targeted for a flyby that was discovered after the visiting spacecraft was launched,[10] and is the farthest object in the Solar System ever to be visited by a spacecraft.[5][68][69] New Horizons came within 3,500 km (2,200 mi) of 2014 MU69, three times closer than the spacecraft's earlier encounter with Pluto. Closest approach occured at 12:33 a.m., January 1, 2019 (EST),[56] at which point it was 43.4 AU from the Sun in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius.[70][71][72][73] At this distance, the one-way transit time for radio signals between Earth and New Horizons was 6 hours.[56] The science objectives of the flyby include characterizing the geology and morphology of 2014 MU69, mapping the surface composition (searching for ammonia, carbon monoxide, methane, and water ice). Surveys of the surrounding environment to detect possible orbiting moonlets, a coma, or rings, were conducted.[56] Images with resolutions as fine as 30 m (98 ft) to 70 m (230 ft) are expected.[56][74]

New Horizons made its first detection of 2014 MU69 on 16 August 2018, from a distance of 107 million mi (172 million km).[75] At that time, 2014 MU69 was visible at magnitude 20, in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius.[76] 2014 MU69 was expected to be magnitude 18 by mid-November, and magnitude 15 by mid-December. It reached naked eye brightness (magnitude 6) from the spacecraft's point of view just 3-4 hours before closest approach.[65] If obstacles were detected, the spacecraft had the option of diverting to a more distant rendezvous, though no moons, rings or other hazards were seen.[56][77] The first high-resolution images from New Horizons were taken on January 1 and arrived on the next day.[78] The downlink of data collected from the flyby is expected to last 20 months, through to September 2020.[79]"


U S A! U S A!
Thu Jan 03 13:24:13
(486958) 2014 MU69, nicknamed Ultima Thule.

Why is it named after a Swedish white power rock band who has giving concerts for Nazis?

I really hope that Israel will write a lettee to the International Space Agency and demand a name change.

Ultima Thule (Swedish band)

The band's first EP was sponsored by Bevara Sverige Svenskt ("Keep Sweden Swedish")[6] and was used as a campaign theme by Sverigepartiet.

Their first vocalist, from 1984 to 1986, Bruno Hansen, was the leader of the Nyköping "action group" of the Nordic Realm Party,[7] and some music critics classify the band as White Power music.

Between 1984 and 1987 the band played at about 30 skinhead concerts. On 6 June 1987 they played together with Agent Bulldogg, Vit Aggression and Dirlewanger at a white power concert in Södertälje.[7] On 30 November 1991, the band played at a white power concert with Vit Aggression and Division S.[7]

In 1994 Ultima Thule opened a record store, CD-butiken, where they sold records by Heroes in the Snow, Svastika and Vit Aggression.

During a concert in 2001 some members of the audience made Hitler salutes.

the wanderer
Thu Jan 03 13:29:45
they will steal all the resources, then stuff it w/ garbage
The Children
Thu Jan 03 14:04:20
glory to motherland once again
the wanderer
Thu Jan 03 14:09:06
“We Chinese people have done something that the Americans have not dared try.”
~ Zhu Menghua (presumed spy & endangered animal grinder)
Thu Jan 03 14:27:18

Ultima Thule is "beyond the edge of the known world" in Latin or Greek (I forget which).
smart dude
Thu Jan 03 15:50:48
The Children
Thu Jan 03 16:20:06
another small step for china, a giant leap for the rest of u barbaric apes forward!

Thu Jan 03 22:57:14
what was the point of the exercise, other than to say "we did it"

Lets spend a billion dollars on a pointless exercise that proves nothing, that achieves nothing, only to say "we did it"

about as impressive as sitting on top of an ant mound and having a swarm of ants crawl into your lower intestine and eat your from the inside out.
Fri Jan 04 13:11:48
USA has to share the front of the moon with Russia. China is smart, instead of going to the front side, they go to the dark side of the moon.

Now, if China needs to, they can claim the entire dark side of the moon as their own place, while the USA has to share the front side with Putin.
Fri Jan 04 13:23:30
I took a shit today while thinking about Uma Thurman fighting a Polar Bear with a Katana on a level in Smash Brothers.

I'm pretty sure nobody has ever done that either.

But I achieved just as much in practical terms as the Chinese did landing on the dark side of the moon.
Fri Jan 04 22:13:31
^ lol well done
The Children
Sun Jan 06 01:03:08
more world records being broken.



Sun Jan 06 01:20:30
"Uma Thurman fighting a Polar Bear with a Katana"

Why does the polar bear have a sword?
Sun Jan 06 02:02:46
Because using a pole arm would be silly.
Mon Jan 07 09:58:35
I prefer Wish You Were Here but DSOTM is also awesome
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