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Utopia Talk / Politics / the might of the han dynasty
The Children
Thu Jan 03 14:07:06
the worlds superpower for over 400 years. unrivalled in power, riches, wealth, military force, technology and science.

we made short work out of the feared hunnic empire.
crushed them like the cockroaches that they were.

so scared were they. they wuld never bother china again. cease 2 exist. remnants of them wuld travel west 200 years later and fuck rome up.


brilliant in every way. superior cavalry. superior tactics. superior elite troops. superior commandin generals.

he started battle at age 17, by age 23 he conquered almost all hunnic kingdoms...just wow.

The Children
Thu Jan 03 14:14:36
the three superpowers of the ancient.

1) Han
2) Tang
3) Ming

All 3 of them r chinese. glory to the greatest civ of all time.

Sam Adams
Thu Jan 03 14:28:14
Lol rome pwns you boy. Even the lowly greeks with a simple phalanx would probably conquer china.
Thu Jan 03 14:32:14
The Ming Dynasty is noteworthy as being the last time in history that China actually led the world in some innovations. Since then the Chinese remain behind the rest of the world happy with reverse engineering decades old advances.
The Children
Thu Jan 03 14:41:01
already been there and done that. greek bactria vs han china.

lol a measly 30k han army ran over there city and they out of fear, killed there own ruler, beheaded him and handed his head 2 us as gift.

we came, we saw, we owned.

large member
Thu Jan 03 14:45:25
Thu Jan 03 14:41:48


lmao sammie gettin owned again

greece, rome, nottin comes close to china.
large member
Thu Jan 03 14:46:34
Above was me copy-pasting TCs first entry in what would otherwise have been a duplicatish thread.
The Children
Thu Jan 03 14:49:05
so afraid was yizhixie, leader of the huns, that he ran north hopin the great gobi and taklamakan deserts wuld keep us chinese out :-)

huns scared in there little pants. nottin else needs 2 be said. just pure chinese badassery right here.

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