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Utopia Talk / Politics / CR - I remembered! (OT)..
large member
Fri Jan 04 16:20:15
You said: Rand was a giant vagina.

I found that misgynostic and suggested that it would be better and more anatomically correct to state that Rand had a giant vagina (the Lords house has many rooms).

I have given this much thought. It vexed me not to remember such an important crossroad in HRs UP history.
Sat Jan 05 03:11:43
Rand was a product of her exodus from the communist revolution. Her rational self-interest went as far as not having children because she viewed childhood as a cognitive wasteland.

Regardless of her lack of empathy she was a smart cookie that constructed a lasting bulwark against rampant altruism.
large member
Sat Jan 05 04:31:27
More young female professionals should definitely follow her teachings and practice. 85% lack the protection of the lasting bulwark against rampant altruism Rand constructed.
Sat Jan 05 05:10:38
Now that's just awkward.
large member
Sat Jan 05 06:19:40
85% need shelter behind Rand's lasting bulwark against rampant altruism.

large member
Sat Jan 05 06:39:47
"Pregnancy is a profound insult to the integrity of self"

Ayn Rand (as remembered by Jergul).
Sat Jan 05 19:04:17
Stingy and self indulgence wasn't the meaning behind Rand's selfish-virtue that I taunted Hot Rod with too often. Words take on different meanings over time. Her perspective was on the importance of self reliance in the pursuit of interest and happiness individually paramount for success. She wasn't absent of empathy and charitable acts.

The passing of time has perverted the concept by many. Hot Rod being one.

The magnitude of Hot Rods hypocrisy discussing her was horrifically demonstrated to me that he lacked a real understanding of her personal convictions. I exercised empathy(restraint) knowing his situation.

It is necessary to penetrate the surface understanding of Rand. No pun intended.


...and no, I'm not going to continue a philosophical debate on Rand.

Kudos to you McKobb being 95% percent correct in your posts from my perspective. She didn't lack empathy or charitable acts, but did have a high regard for personal productivity and reward. She wasn't about to dispense her productivity toward what she considered worthless causes, if could be prevented. I highly doubt any of us would.

TBH, I agree with her in that respect. Other perceptions she had, not so completely.
Mon Jan 07 09:39:54
"You said: Rand was a giant vagina. "

Right, but how did we manage to veer off rugged individualism and all other randian stuff, into the discussion of the size of her twat? Thats some leap. I tried to remember how, but alas, I can't, too much time passed since. I seem to remeber that at first it was a riff on the old "my gf's vag is so huge, you hear echo" joke
Mon Jan 07 09:40:45
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