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The Children
Thu Jan 10 12:11:02
surpasses 91 mill units worldwide.

superior hardware, superior games, superior experience.

it is good 2 be the masterrace.

Thu Jan 10 13:07:33
Thanks Japan!
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Jan 10 13:17:29
Sounds pretty racist.
Thu Jan 10 14:29:04
Not bad I suppose but it is estimated over two billion computers are in use now worldwide. Of those it is estimated slightly more than one billion are used for gaming.

These numbers are computers currently being used while Playstation 4s 91 million is total sales from the very beginning.

But yeah if you want to be bound by the limitations of a console Sony has the most sales.

The Children
Thu Jan 10 16:24:54
1 bill gamin pcs and yet somehow, somehow somehow all these pc games that gets released sells chumpchange in sales...

ps4 is the superior masterrace unsurpassed by any pcpeasant, xbots or nintentoddlers.

we sell the highest amount of hardware, highest amount of games, largest in game library, largest amount of triple aaa movie experience. we r masterrace. pure alpha, on top of the foodchain pyramid.

u dumbass fools. i pity u peasants, u r poormansgamin experience.
smart dude
Thu Jan 10 18:01:07
Kargen in for the kill!

Anyway I'm happy with my Switch. And guess what, I'm a grownup with grownup amounts of money and if I wanted a PS4 I can go to the store at any time to buy one.
smart dude
Thu Jan 10 18:03:25
console wars are for children whose parents only want to buy one console. or for wage slaves like TC who consider a tuna sandwich to be an exceptional dining experience.
Thu Jan 10 18:21:02
It's nice not being a poor.

PC, PS4, Switch, whatever the mood is. Currently grinding through Smash in the free time.

Also, not having to worry about whether or not the shutdown will affect muh food stamps
Thu Jan 10 18:41:14
Did the guy who goes on YT to watch OTHER people playing PS4 games seriously accuse the rest of us of "peasantry?" What the fuck?

Hey asshole, everyone here could buy a PS4 tomorrow if we wanted to. We don't, because we're too busy with things like being adults, getting laid, and logging 300 hours on EU4 this month. Your PS4 is weak ass shit.
The Children
Fri Jan 11 01:32:23
buy a ps4 tomorrow?

i already have it, peasant. butbutbut tomorrow. fuck tomorrow. such is the difference between a peasant like u and a masterrace like me.

a grownup? switch? ...HAHAHAHAAA!!! HAHAHAAAA!!!

that like sayin bears r veggies and antz r solitary.

no such thing as a switch and a grown up. switchbitches r TODDLERS and manbabies.

now stfu and recognize the masterrace superiority, bitches
smart dude
Fri Jan 11 01:57:16
I'm pretty sure Rugian meant "tomorrow" as any arbitrary day. He probably could buy one today too but has, like, other shit to do like most grownups.

I dunno. Switch isn't the best, but I can take it with me places easily. Like, occasionally I have to travel (because, for one thing, I can afford to) and it's nice to grab it on the go. I guess if I was a loser with no job and was at home all the time then maybe I wouldn't have as much use for a Switch.
large member
Fri Jan 11 02:21:26
" We don't, because we're too busy with things like being adults, getting laid, and logging 300 hours on EU4 this month"

I loled. Nice touch with the 300 hours Ruggy :-).
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