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Utopia Talk / Politics / this is why MGTOW, bitches
The Children
Thu Jan 10 12:29:20
look at this bullshit.

she is strippin half his networth. in just 1 day he loses 70 bill.

lmao, this is pure another reminder and fact that mgtow is the only way 2 go.


Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 10 13:59:17
Yeah, definitely good to stay MGTOW. You wouldn't want to have to split a vast estate of a PS4 and a TV with another person if things didn't work out ;)

..though for Bezos' situation.. wow.. it would be a little absurd if MacKenzie gets 66 billion USD for a divorce. TMZ is saying there was no prenuptial agreement. I think people have started realizing that marriage law has a unequal/sexist bend so prenups have become more popular, but they married in 1994, likely after being inspired by Lelaina Pierce and Troy Dyer overcoming cynicism in "Reality Bites" ;)
Thu Jan 10 14:01:59
I'm 99% sure this is just a coincidence, but the wife announcing this immediately after Amazon hits #1 comes off as especially predatory.
Thu Jan 10 14:15:08
The article says he made the announcement and they have been going through a trial separation for a while now. I'm guessing the announcement was planned and the timing is related to doing as little damage to stock as possible.
Thu Jan 10 19:43:50
it is because he cheated on her with a bimbo from local LA news. like Joe Pesci says, it's the bitches that get ya.
The Children
Fri Jan 11 16:17:36
mgtow is once again a proven fact.

it is what many millions of men have known all there lives but the manwhores and the whiteknightcucks kept the lie intact, that mgtow is not real.

no sir, it is very much real and a fact.

the daily lies, even the daily fabric of society is intended to lie to us about what is real. it is to brainwash us into thinkin we r wageslaves, puttin us into these "roles" designed for us workerants. for we r best, when we r brainwashed, controlled and good little wage slaves.

all who have experienced the drama knowz, these hoes aint loyal.

take the red pill now and be freed from the matrix of lies and drama! we do not need this bullshit.
we r masters of our own fates.

if we r not wage slaves and not born 2 be someones slave, then sure as fuck aint no disloyal whore gonna control and own half my shit.

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