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Utopia Talk / Politics / Will there be a new Holocaust?
Thu Jan 10 16:11:25
Notorious anti-Semite appointed Polish deputy minister

Polish government appoints former leader of anti-Semitic All-Polish Youth movement as Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs.

Adam Andruszkiewicz, the former leader of the anti-Semitic and xenophobic All-Polish Youth movement, was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs and Social Media.

The All-Polish Youth movement is considered a nationalist and anti-Semitic movement whose leaders and activists have expressed their harshness towards Jews as well as minority communities and members of the LGBTQ community.

Andruszkiewicz is known as one of the most prominent right-wing activists in Poland, referring to anyone who disagreed with his views with words such as "parasites", "traitors" and " enemies of Poland."

He was first elected to the Polish Parliament in 2015 as a member of the right-wing populist Kukiz 15 party.

The appointment of Andrushkiewicz as a member of the Polish government was strongly criticized by leaders of Jewish organizations who claimed that "this is a new low" of the Polish government.

Former Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman told the Algemeiner that Poland had appointed "a neo-Nazi antisemite in charge of internet and social media.”

“Where are the voices of outrage in Poland and in the EU?” Foxman asked. “And where is the US State Department?”

Andruszkiewicz caused further controversy during the crisis in Israel-Poland relations over the Holocaust bill passed by the Polish Parliament last year. He responded to criticism of the law by stating that "the Jews had great support among us, now they are losing it.”

"The State of Israel and the communities associated with it throughout the world (sic) are escalating this conflict, which is worrying," he said.


“Where are the voices of outrage in Poland and in the EU?” Foxman asked. “And where is the US State Department?”

lol, where has Foxman been the past 8 years? The winds are changing. The US, and soon the EU, is lost.
Thu Jan 10 16:15:23
Andruszkiewicz himself said in a Facebook post that he was the victim of a “slanderous witch hunt,” and that he wouldn’t be making such controversial statements.


A victim of a witch hunt. Where have we heard that before? :P
Fri Jan 11 01:35:28
I certainly bloody hope so, its about time we finished off that job.
Fri Jan 11 03:49:51
"Will there be a new Holocaust?" Paramount asks with excited anticipation.
the wanderer
Fri Jan 11 13:18:32
"White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?"
~ Rep. Steve King (R)
Fri Jan 11 13:55:22
"I certainly bloody hope so, its about time we finished off that job."

I somehow doubt child rapists should be so excited about exterminating people.
Sat Jan 12 04:32:06
I 'raped' a child? when did that happen then; jeez I sure I hope I enjoyed it as much as you think I should.
Mon Jan 14 12:18:58
More shit happening in Poland:

Polish mayor dies after being stabbed in heart at age 53

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The popular liberal mayor of the Polish port city of Gdansk died on Monday after he was stabbed during a charity event the previous evening by an ex-convict who stormed onstage and said it was revenge against the country’s main opposition party.


The right-wing ruling Law and Justice party faced accusations from its critics that an atmosphere of hatred against Adamowicz and other liberal political opponents helped instigate the attack.


As mayor, he was a progressive voice, supporting sex education in schools, LGBT rights and tolerance for minorities. He showed solidarity with the Jewish community when Gdansk synagogue had its windows broken last year, strongly denouncing the vandalism.

Adamowicz also advocated bringing wounded Syrian children to Gdansk for medical treatment, a plan, however, blocked by the Law and Justice government. After he took that stand, a far-right group, the All-Polish Youth, issued what they called a “political death notice” for Adamowicz.


Liberals are being attacked and killed everywhere now. In the UK, Jo Cox was brutally murdered some time ago.
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