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Utopia Talk / Politics / Mueller isn't indicting Trump
Sat Jan 19 07:24:49
Mueller's pushback against the Buzzfeed article that alleged that the Special Prosecutor had evidence that Trump had instructed Cohen to lie to Congress, is clear evidence that Mueller will not be trying to indict Trump, or to even recommend that Congress take action against Trump.

Why do I say this? Well, every single day there are stories about the investigation, and there is silence from Mueller. Every single day Trump and his cronies comment on the investigation. They lie about the facts of the case, they attempt to discredit the investigation, they try to intimidate cooperating witnesses, they openly support witnesses who refuse to cooperate ... and Mueller allows it all without comment.

But the moment there is a credible report that Mueller has evidence of a clearly impeachable offense ... he puts out a statement discrediting the report.

Mueller is clearly managing expectations.

This is no surprise to me. You don't rise to the levels that Mueller has by knocking over apple carts, even if the apples are rotten or diseased. Mueller and the system are deeply invested in the system. Mueller and his kind were always going to try to manage Trump and ride him out, rather than remove him and cause an upheaval.

Not only that, but I wouldn't expect a federal indictment of any of Trump's relatives either ... no matter what evidence may be uncovered.

Bagging the likes of Cohen and Manafort and Flynn was always the best we could hope for, and even they would get slaps on the wrist if they just didn't get stupid.

Unless Trump directly challenges Congress or the Court, the chances of him not serving out his term(s) are close to 0%.

So if you're holding your breath ... stop.

Sam Adams
Sat Jan 19 08:22:10
Well if he found actual collusion with russia...

But paying a hooker and covering it up isnt enough. Dems let clinton slide for basically the same thing.
Sat Jan 19 09:09:08
I reserve judgment for when the facts are out. That article was bullshit anyways. BuzzFeed is pure shit and fuck them for putting out fake news and feeding right-wing victimhood.

Anyways, opposition to Trump is based on his policies. That he's also clearly an asshole and criminal (directing Cohen to pay off those women was already a felony) is just icing on a shit cake.
Sat Jan 19 09:11:32
Seriously, the second anyone saw "Buzzfeed reports that" they should have immediately treated it as suspect.
Sam Adams
Sat Jan 19 09:37:06
It was widely shared as factual through congress and leftist media.

Lol oops.
Sam Adams
Sat Jan 19 09:40:12
Cnn and msnbc gleefully talk about impeachment 200 times before learning buzzfeed report is fake.


Lol why dont people trust us? -dem media
the wanderer
Sat Jan 19 11:02:16
it was widely shared with "if this is true" caveats... it was even suggested as a drinking game on Jake Tapper

and why wouldn't it be talked about? it's a clear impeachable offense 'if true'... and probably IS true... perhaps not as provable as Buzzfeed claims though

it's like how Trump DEFINITELY told Comey to ease up on Flynn... yet people doubt it... Comey said it under oath, w/ no lies proven by Comey (despite all the smears), AND Comey has **contemporaneous notes** saying he said it, and Trump seems like someone who would do it (he said Manafort was being treated unfairly both before and even DURING his trial), and Trump hasn't even given a counter narrative (even out of oath)

...it ABSOLUTELY happened
the wanderer
Sat Jan 19 11:10:12
as to OP, Mueller said a long time ago he wouldn't try to indict (that he would follow guidelines)

their statement was Buzzfeed was inaccurate, it could mean there's no definitive proof

Trump doesn't email (doesn't know how), meets in person w/ his criminal associates, pays in cash, etc... nailing him down beyond witness testimony could be tricky

however his obstruction & witness tampering* has been quite clear & in the open for anyone paying attention

*he at least 3x has publicly brought up Cohen's father-in-law, insinuating he's a criminal... if Trump knows something why is HE not talking to investigators? total garbage of a 'man'
Sat Jan 19 23:13:15
rip tw.
Sun Jan 20 02:50:56
Tw should have to rename himself when Trump gets 4 more years.

Or at least a change of tag
Turtle Crawler
Mon Jan 21 01:07:34
It seems like it's been clear for years now that there is nothing there.
Mon Jan 21 07:14:26

There's nothing where? There's tons everywhere.

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