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Utopia Talk / Politics / big snappin turtle vs
The Children
Mon Jan 21 12:59:34
they said those things r as old as crocs and gators. lived in the dino age.

well, mother nature is brutal and scary.

big snappin turtle vs otter



The Children
Mon Jan 21 13:00:13
snapped it open for da feast from da belly side up. imagine watchin ur testicles and intestines bein eaten while ur alive.

Mon Jan 21 13:32:05
They make good soup though. A bar I used to hang out in back in the 60's used to make a big batch for every deer season. The owner and his sister would get a few of these monster from people and cook up the most delicious turtle soup I have ever eaten.
One time a guy brought one in that the shell was bigger than a trash can lid. They turned it loose on the bar floor and someone put a pool cue toward it. Snapped that cue in two like it was nothing.
The Children
Mon Jan 21 14:25:33
the turtle wasnt the one snappin in that vid.

it wasnt a fair fight. followed by a fatality and a flawless victory.

Mon Jan 21 19:42:59
Otters are adorable and vicious.
smart dude
Mon Jan 21 21:36:04
Toxic masculinity.
Tue Jan 22 10:55:18
Boys will be boys.
The Children
Wed Jan 23 12:30:43
dunt fuck with the otter, bitches.

they look cuddly and cute, they r massive beasts.

i hear in da amazone, they r as big as gators and they prey on gators.
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