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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Super cop
Mon Jan 28 11:48:33
In 3 seconds the cop grabs the guys gun, fires his own gun, use the radio to tell his collegeus that shots been fired, and stops another guy who comes running at him.



Although, you can see that the cop was prepared to draw his gun. Had he not had his hands on his gun already chances are that it would have been th cop who laid shot on the ground.

I wonder what happened to the guy who got shot? Did he die? I wonder if he regrets pulling a gun on a police officer now?
Anarchist Prime
Mon Jan 28 11:58:02
Mon Jan 28 12:18:13
Mon Jan 28 12:55:56
"I wonder what happened to the guy who got shot? Did he die?"

He survived

NOBLE, Okla (KOKH) — The Dec. 18, 2018 shooting of 37-year-old Layland Ted Lewis Jr. was ruled justified under the law.

Lewis was shot during a traffic stop on the 400 block of N 2nd St in Noble where he gave a false name and was wanted in Cleveland County for armed robbery.

During the stop Lewis took out a hand gun and pointed it at Noble Police Sergeant Joshua Lesher.

Lesher fired his hand gun shooting Lewis three times.

Lewis was taken to a local hospital and then released into the custody of Cleveland County Sheriff for the armed robbery charge.

Lesher has been cleared of any criminal wrong-doing in shooting Lewis.
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