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Utopia Talk / Politics / Resident Evil 2 Sucks
Tue Jan 29 19:29:23
The story is good, the puzzles are good, it has good scares.

... but it also has fucking adaptive difficulty which means the game gets harder the better you play. By mid-game, it takes half your ammo to kill one zombie.

FUCK. CAPCOM. and Fuck Socialism too.

I'm glad I only redboxed this shit. Gonna pirate and turn off adaptive difficulty bullshit with a PC mod.

/end TC rant
Wed Jan 30 01:04:21
Wed Jan 30 04:18:22
I'm gonna watch this game on Youtube. It'll save me some moneys.
The Children
Thu Jan 31 11:41:52
fuck u bitch. im enjoyin this shit 100%

yea, it takes 6-7 bullets to kill a zombie. ur not supposed 2 kill every zombie now. just use a shotgun for headshot. u dumbass.

or shoot 3 takes with handgun till they drop, run up and knife them a few times till they die.

duuuuuhhhh took me 20 seconds 2 realize this.

duksnowflakeshat expect it 2 be like da good ol days where u take out every enemy and run through the hallways protected later in da game.

cuckhat is hopelessly behind times.

the game is tryin 2 make u feel unsafe all da time with low ammo and constant zombie invasions. cuckhat is a snowflakes.

i am runnin through that shit no problems. even da lickers r no match for tc at the moment.

tc aint no snowflakes, motherfucker. tc is a warrior.
The Children
Thu Jan 31 11:43:55
i havent been this excited bout resident evil since fuckin 15 years ago.

so much i decided 2 get resident evil 7 aswell. damn this is one scary game and tc is full super saiyan warriorin through it.

im hardcore, u stupid cucks.
The Children
Thu Jan 31 11:54:03
well i bought more chips and tortilla chips today. gonna be hardcorin myself this weekend again.

gdamn, it has been such a long time. life has been tough for me.

but gdamn this is what its all about man.
Thu Jan 31 13:32:28
You decided what your next job will be?
Thu Jan 31 13:47:28
Can’t you upload to youtube when you play this game from start to finish, so I can watch it. I want to see a pro playing it. And I don’t wanna buy more games at the moment. I got like 5 or 6 games that I haven’t finished yet.
The Children
Thu Jan 31 16:43:10
cameras aint cheap, so no.
Wrath of Orion
Thu Jan 31 16:51:39
The TC multi can't afford games like this, Paramount. All he does is watch others play them.
Thu Jan 31 17:18:51
I remember when I first played it along time ago how fucking annoying it was that it took so many bullets to kill a zombie. Got quite good with the knife.
The Children
Sat Feb 02 15:18:56
cucksnowflakeshat need games 2 grab his hand and guide him around like a little toddler. didnt u read the pg ratin? the game is not 4 toddlers, little boy.

whats the matter, u havin trouble sleepin from a little tyrant chasin u around. from a slowass zombie?

im already in da sewers, kid. i finished the gator, i have magnum plus 18 magnum rounds. shotgun fully upgraded, 12 rounds. handgun fully upgraded, 27 bullets, 4 grenades, 2 knifes, too many herbs to count, flamethrower 400 gastank.

im hardcore, bitch.

hahaha awwww little faggot, did u piss ur pants from hearing da little tyrant footsteps?


The Children
Sat Feb 02 15:26:22
did those footsteps scar u for life now? hahaha

wuldnt want that, wuld we.

here is how tc does it, little kid. behold the superior gaminskillz.

i dunt kill zombiez. they aint worth my time. noob. takes 7 bullets to down a zombie. ull have zero ammo very soon if u go that way.

instead, i shoot there legs. takes 3, max 4 bullets to take out there legs and then they r like little helpless babies crawlin on da floor towards me. i either finished them off with a knife. most of da time, i dunt even bother.

i run loops around them. if i really mean, i knife there arms and take out there arms aswell. leavin just the torso and head crawlin slowly towards me.

fuck that shit.

superior skillz, noob. when i go for S+ rankin a few weeks from now, i aint even gonna bother shootin at legs. one headshot staggers them shortly. enough time for me 2 run loops around them.

lickers. i dunt kill this shit. u can sneak by them. they r blind. u dumb noob. do u even game bro.

tyrant. he is relentless but im faster. no point in shootin him, he is a bullet spunge. i just run and run everytime he is close. he close in on u after u stay still in 1 spot. but u can literally just run a circle around him.

as ada u will face him with just a handgun, 9 bullets and a hackin tool. nottin but u and a table between u. he goes left, u go right. hack. he goes right, i run left. hack finished. run to switch. open door then sprint for the door. done.

whats the matter little boy. this shit too hard for u? u even game kid. hahaha
The Children
Sat Feb 02 15:30:23
took me first try as ada to complete that shit. how is this hard. he cant do shit to u. the only real thing is the shock value when he bust in and starts chasin u and u r locked in that room.

first try, noob. do u even game kid.
The Children
Sat Feb 02 15:33:59
superior reaction skillz +
superior reflexes +
superior control of gameplay movement +
superior eye and finger and brain coordinations + superior control of nerves of steel +
superior genetics



The Children
Sat Feb 02 15:41:21
if this 2 hard 4 u, maybe u shuld go back 2 nintendo wii for some cookin mamma gameplay hahaha
The Children
Sat Feb 02 16:06:49
run leon, run little piggy. run run.

The Children
Sat Feb 02 16:41:21
i betcha dukhat plays on "easy" difficulty hahaha
The Children
Sun Feb 03 06:13:22
mrX gonna give it 2 u. u better recognize.


Sun Feb 03 14:45:38
Only tc could hold a proper circle jerk with only himself participating.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Feb 03 15:23:57
And a game he doesn't own for a gaming system he doesn't own because he's too poor.
The Children
Fri Feb 08 01:23:04
g damn, how pathetic r u white bois.

tc about 2 finish this shit today hardcore style.

there is just no denyin my superior skillz. i just own. clearly.

go back to cookin mama wii if this shit 2 scary 4u.

u aint no man. u a boi.

The Children
Sun Feb 10 03:24:54
so whats up cucks.

TC already finished both characters.
about to do a hardcore difficulty for S+ rank now in order to get the infinite ammo rocket launcher and gatlin gun.

TC about 2 own this shit.

snowflakes still scared of mrx. he gonna give it 2 ya, go back 2 cookin mama lol

Sun Feb 10 05:52:34
Are there snowy mountains to climb in this game? Can u get horse? Can you cook a rabbit?
The Children
Sun Feb 10 06:27:36
no but it is da granddady of horror games and u get chased by mr X.

Mon Feb 11 11:38:40
Maybe this is the thread that caused Dukhat to get all butthurt and ragequit? That'd be hilarious if TC of all people owned him that hard.
Mon Feb 11 14:00:08
Talking about owning, Days Gone owns the living shit out of RE2.
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